Subject Areas

No Code Name Parent Code
1 subjects Library of Congress Subject Areas ROOT
2 A General Works subjects
3 AC Collections. Series. Collected works A
4 AC1-999 Collections. Series. Collected works AC
5 AC1-195 Collections of monographs, essays, etc. AC
6 AC1-8 American and English AC
7 AC9-195 Other languages AC
8 AC200 Collections for Jewish readers AC
9 AC801-895 Inaugural and program dissertations AC
10 AC901-995 Pamphlet collections AC
11 AC999 Scrapbooks AC
12 AE Encyclopedias A
13 AE1-(90) Encyclopedias AE
14 AE5-(90) By language AE
15 AG Dictionaries and other general reference works A
16 AG2-600 Dictionaries and other general reference works AG
17 AI Indexes A
18 AI1-21 Indexes AI
19 AM Museums. Collectors and collecting A
20 AM1-(501) Museums. Collectors and collecting AM
21 AM10-100 By country AM
22 AM111-160 Museology. Museum methods, technique, etc. AM
23 AM200-(501) Collectors and collecting AM
24 AN Newspapers A
25 AP Periodicals A
26 AP1-(271) Periodicals AP
27 AP101-115 Humorous periodicals AP
28 AP200-230 Juvenile periodicals AP
29 AP(250)-(265) Periodicals for women AP
30 AP(270)-(271) Periodicals for Blacks AP
31 AS Academies and learned societies A
32 AS1-945 Academies and learned societies AS
33 AS2.5-4 International associations, congresses, conferences, etc. AS
34 AS11-785 By region or country AS
35 AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories A
36 AY10-2001 Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories AY
37 AY10-29 Annuals AY
38 AY30-1730 Almanacs AY
39 AY2001 Directories AY
40 AZ History of scholarship and learning. The humanities A
41 AZ(20)-999 History of scholarship and learning. The humanities AZ
42 AZ101-(181) Philosophy. Theory AZ
43 AZ191-193 Evaluation AZ
44 AZ200-361 History AZ
45 AZ501-908 By region or country AZ
46 B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion subjects
47 B1-5802 Philosophy (General) B
48 B69-99 General works B
49 B108-5802 By period B
50 B108-708 Ancient B
51 B720-765 Medieval B
52 B770-785 Renaissance B
53 B790-5802 Modern B
54 B808-849 Special topics and schools of philosophy B
55 B850-5739 By region or country B
56 B5800-5802 By religion B
57 BC Logic B
58 BC1-199 Logic BC
59 BC11-39 History BC
60 BC25-39 By period BC
61 BC60-99 General works BC
62 BC171-199 Special topics BC
63 BD Speculative philosophy B
64 BD10-701 Speculative philosophy BD
65 BD10-41 General philosophical works BD
66 BD95-131 Metaphysics BD
67 BD143-237 Epistemology. Theory of knowledge BD
68 BD240-260 Methodology BD
69 BD300-450 Ontology BD
70 BD493-701 Cosmology BD
71 BF Psychology B
72 BF1-990 Psychology BF
73 BF38-64 Philosophy. Relation to other topics BF
74 BF173-175.5 Psychoanalysis BF
75 BF176-176.5 Psychological tests and testing BF
76 BF180-198.7 Experimental psychology BF
77 BF203 Gestalt psychology BF
78 BF207-209 Psychotropic drugs and other substances BF
79 BF231-299 Sensation. Aesthesiology BF
80 BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition BF
81 BF501-505 Motivation BF
82 BF511-593 Affection. Feeling. Emotion BF
83 BF608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. Control BF
84 BF636-637 Applied psychology BF
85 BF638-648 New Thought. Menticulture, etc. BF
86 BF660-685 Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology BF
87 BF692-692.5 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior BF
88 BF697-697.5 Differential psychology. Individuality. Self BF
89 BF698-698.9 Personality BF
90 BF699-711 Genetic psychology BF
91 BF712-724.85 Developmental psychology BF
92 BF725-727 Class psychology BF
93 BF795-839 Temperament. Character BF
94 BF839.8-885 Physiognomy. Phrenology BF
95 BF889-905 Graphology. Study of handwriting BF
96 BF908-940 The hand. Palmistry BF
97 BF1001-1389 Parapsychology BF
98 BF1001-1045 Psychic research. Psychology of the conscious BF
99 BF1048-1108 Hallucinations. Sleep. Dreaming. Visions BF
100 BF1111-1156 Hypnotism. Suggestion. Mesmerism. Subliminal projection BF
101 BF1161-1171 Telepathy. Mind reading. Thought transference BF
102 BF1228-1389 Spiritualism BF
103 BF1404-2055 Occult sciences BF
104 BF1444-1486 Ghosts. Apparitions. Hauntings BF
105 BF1501-1562 Demonology. Satanism. Possession BF
106 BF1562.5-1584 Witchcraft BF
107 BF1585-1623 Magic. Hermetics. Necromancy BF
108 BF1651-1729 Astrology BF
109 BF1745-1779 Oracles. Sibyls. Divinations BF
110 BF1783-1815 Seers. Prophets. Prophecies BF
111 BF1845-1891 Fortune-telling BF
112 BF2050-2055 Human-alien encounters. Contact between humans and extraterrestrials BF
113 BH Aesthetics B
114 BH1-301 Aesthetics BH
115 BH81-208 History BH
116 BH301 Special topics BH
117 BJ Ethics B
118 BJ1-1725 Ethics BJ
119 BJ71-1185 History and general works BJ
120 BJ1188-1295 Religious ethics BJ
121 BJ1298-1335 Evolutionary and genetic ethics BJ
122 BJ1365-1385 Positivist ethics BJ
123 BJ1388 Socialist ethics BJ
124 BJ1390-1390.5 Communist ethics BJ
125 BJ1392 Totalitarian ethics BJ
126 BJ1395 Feminist ethics BJ
127 BJ1518-1697 Individual ethics. Character. Virtue BJ
128 BJ1725 Ethics of social groups, classes, etc. Professional ethics BJ
129 BJ1801-2195 Social usages. Etiquette BJ
130 BJ2021-2078 Etiquette of entertaining BJ
131 BJ2139-2156 Etiquette of travel BJ
132 BJ2195 Telephone etiquette BJ
133 BL Religions. Mythology. Rationalism B
134 BL1-2790 Religions. Mythology. Rationalism BL
135 BL1-50 Religion (General) BL
136 BL51-65 Philosophy of religion. Psychology of religion. Religion BL
137 BL70-71 Sacred books (General) BL
138 BL71.5-73 Biography BL
139 BL74-99 Religions of the world BL
140 BL175-265 Natural theology BL
141 BL175-190 General BL
142 BL200 Theism BL
143 BL205-216 Nature and attributes of Deity BL
144 BL217 Polytheism BL
145 BL218 Dualism BL
146 BL220 Pantheism BL
147 BL221 Monotheism BL
148 BL224-227 Creation. Theory of the earth BL
149 BL239-265 Religion and science BL
150 BL270 Unity and plurality BL
151 BL290 The soul BL
152 BL300-325 The myth. Comparative mythology BL
153 BL350-385 Classification of religions BL
154 BL410 Religions in relation to one another BL
155 BL425-490 Religious doctrines (General) BL
156 BL430 Origins of religion BL
157 BL435-457 Nature worship BL
158 BL458 Women in comparative religion BL
159 BL460 Sex worship. Phallicism BL
160 BL465-470 Worship of human beings BL
161 BL473-490 Other BL
162 BL500-547 Eschatology BL
163 BL550-619 Worship. Cultus BL
164 BL624-629.5 Religious life BL
165 BL630-(632.5) Religious organization BL
166 BL660-2680 History and principles of religions BL
167 BL660 Indo-European. Aryan BL
168 BL685 Ural-Altaic BL
169 BL687 Mediterranean region BL
170 BL689-980 European. Occidental BL
171 BL700-820 Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman) BL
172 BL830-875 Germanic and Norse BL
173 BL900-980 Other European BL
174 BL1000-2370 Asian. Oriental BL
175 BL1000-1035 General BL
176 BL1050 Northern and Central Asia BL
177 BL1055 Southern and Eastern Asia BL
178 BL1060 Southwestern Asia. Asia Minor. Levant BL
179 BL1100-1295 Hinduism BL
180 BL1100-1107.5 General BL
181 BL1108.2-1108.7 Religious education BL
182 BL1109.2-1109.7 Antiquities. Archaeology. Inscriptions BL
183 BL1111-1143.2 Sacred books. Sources BL
184 BL1112.2-1137.5 Vedic texts BL
185 BL1140.2-1140.4 Pur~as BL
186 BL1141.2-1142.6 Tantric texts BL
187 BL1145-1146 Hindu literature BL
188 BL1153.7-1168 By region or country BL
189 BL1212.32-1215 Doctrines. Theology BL
190 BL1216-1225 Hindu pantheon. Deities BL
191 BL1225.2-1243.58 Religious life BL
192 BL1243.72-1243.78 Monasteries. Temples, etc. BL
193 BL1271.2-1295 Modifications. Sects BL
194 BL1284.5-1289.592 Vaishnavism BL
195 BL1300-1380 Jainism BL
196 BL1310-1314.2 Sacred books. Sources BL
197 BL1315-1317 Jain literature BL
198 BL1375.3-1375.7 Jaina pantheon. Deities BL
199 BL1376-1378.85 Forms of worship BL
200 BL1379-1380 Modifications, etc. BL
201 BL1500-1590 Zoroastrianism (Mazdeism). Parseeism BL
202 BL1595 Yezidis BL
203 BL1600-1695 Semitic religions BL
204 BL1600-1605 General BL
205 BL1610 Aramean BL
206 BL1615-1616 Sumerian BL
207 BL1620-1625 Assyro-Babylonian BL
208 BL1630 Chaldean BL
209 BL1635 Harranian. Pseudo-Sabian BL
210 BL1640-1645 Syrian. Palestinian. Samaritan BL
211 BL1650 Hebrew BL
212 BL1660-1665 Phoenician. Carthaginian, etc. BL
213 BL1670-1672 Canaanite BL
214 BL1675 Moabite. Philistine BL
215 BL1680-1685 Arabian (except Islam) BL
216 BL1695 Druses BL
217 BL1710 Ethiopian BL
218 BL1750-2350 By region or country BL
219 BL1790-1975 China BL
220 BL1830-1883 Confucianism BL
221 BL1899-1942.85 Taoism BL
222 BL2000-2032 India BL
223 BL2017-2018.7 Sikhism BL
224 BL2195-2228 Japan BL
225 BL2216-2227.8 Shinto BL
226 BL2230-2240 Korea BL
227 BL2390-2490 African BL
228 BL2420-2460 Egyptian BL
229 BL2500-2592 American BL
230 BL2600-2630 Pacific Ocean islands. Oceania BL
231 BL2670 Arctic regions BL
232 BL2700-2790 Rationalism BL
233 BM Judaism B
234 BM1-990 Judaism BM
235 BM1-449 General BM
236 BM70-135 Study and teaching BM
237 BM150-449 History BM
238 BM201-449 By region or country BM
239 BM480-488.8 Pre-Talmudic Jewish literature (non-Biblical) BM
240 BM495-532 Sources of Jewish religion. Rabbinical literature BM
241 BM497-509 Talmudic literature BM
242 BM497-497.8 Mishnah BM
243 BM498-498.8 Palestinian Talmud BM
244 BM499-504.7 Babylonian Talmud BM
245 BM507-507.5 Baraita BM
246 BM508-508.5 Tosefta BM
247 BM510-518 Midrash BM
248 BM520-523.7 Halacha BM
249 BM525-526 Cabala BM
250 BM529 Jewish tradition BM
251 BM534-538 Relation of Judaism to special subject fields BM
252 BM534-536 Religions BM
253 BM545-582 Principles of Judaism (General) BM
254 BM585-585.4 Controversial works against the Jews BM
255 BM590-591 Jewish works against Christianity and Islam BM
256 BM600-645 Dogmatic Judaism BM
257 BM646 Heresy, heresies BM
258 BM648 Apologetics BM
259 BM650-747 Practical Judaism BM
260 BM651-652.7 Priests, rabbis, etc. BM
261 BM653-653.7 Congregations. Synagogues BM
262 BM654-655.6 The tabernacle. The temple BM
263 BM656-657 Forms of worship BM
264 BM660-679 Liturgy and ritual BM
265 BM690-695 Festivals and fasts BM
266 BM700-720 Rites and customs BM
267 BM723-729 Jewish way of life. Spiritual life. Mysticism. Personal religion. Moral theology BM
268 BM730-747 Preaching. Homiletics BM
269 BM750-755 Biography BM
270 BM900-990 Samaritans BM
271 BP Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc. B
272 BP1-610 Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc. BP
273 BP1-253 Islam BP
274 BP1-68 General BP
275 BP42-48 Study and teaching BP
276 BP50-68 History BP
277 BP70-80 Biography BP
278 BP75-77.75 Muammad, Prophet, d. 632 BP
279 BP87-89 Islamic literature BP
280 BP100-(157) Sacred books BP
281 BP100-134 Koran BP
282 BP128.15-129.83 Special parts and chapters BP
283 BP130-134 Works about the Koran BP
284 BP135-136.9 Hadith literature. Traditions. Sunna BP
285 BP137-137.5 Koranic and other Islamic legends BP
286 BP160-165 General works on Islam BP
287 BP165.5 Dogma (>Aq~=id) BP
288 BP166-166.94 Theology (Kal~m) BP
289 BP167.5 Heresy, heresies, heretics BP
290 BP168 Apostasy from Islam BP
291 BP169 Works against Islam and the Koran BP
292 BP170 Works in defense of Islam. Islamic apologetics BP
293 BP170.2 Benevolent work. Social work. Welfare work, etc. BP
294 BP170.3-170.5 Missionary work of Islam BP
295 BP171-173 Relation of Islam to other religions BP
296 BP173.25-173.45 Islamic sociology BP
297 BP174-190 The practice of Islam BP
298 BP176-181 The five duties of a Moslem. Pillars of Islam BP
299 BP182 Jihad (Holy War) BP
300 BP184-184.9 Religious ceremonies, rites, etc. BP
301 BP186-186.97 Special days and seasons, fasts, feasts, festivals, etc. Relics BP
302 BP187-187.9 Shrines, sacred places, etc. BP
303 BP188-190 Islamic religious life BP
304 BP188.2-188.3 Devotional literature BP
305 BP188.45-189.65 Sufism. Mysticism. Dervishes BP
306 BP189.68-189.7 Monasticism BP
307 BP191-253 Branches, sects, etc. BP
308 BP192-194.9 Shiites BP
309 BP221-223 Black Muslims BP
310 BP232 Moorish Science Temple of America BP
311 BP251-253 Nurculuk BP
312 BP300-395 Bahai Faith BP
313 BP500-585 Theosophy BP
314 BP595-597 Anthroposophy BP
315 BP600-610 Other beliefs and movements BP
316 BQ Buddhism B
317 BQ1-9800 Buddhism BQ
318 BQ1-10 Periodicals. Yearbooks (General) BQ
319 BQ12-93 Societies, councils, associations, clubs, etc. BQ
320 BQ96-99 Financial institutions. Trusts BQ
321 BQ100-102 Congresses. Conferences (General) BQ
322 BQ104-105 Directories (General) BQ
323 BQ107-109 Museums. Exhibitions BQ
324 BQ115-126 General collections. Collected works BQ
325 BQ128 Encyclopedias (General) BQ
326 BQ130 Dictionaries (General) BQ
327 BQ133 Terminology BQ
328 BQ135 Questions and answers. Maxims (General) BQ
329 BQ141-209 Religious education (General) BQ
330 BQ210-219 Research BQ
331 BQ221-249 Antiquities. Archaeology BQ
332 BQ240-244 Literary discoveries BQ
333 BQ246-249 Inscriptions, etc. BQ
334 BQ251-799 History BQ
335 BQ800-829 Persecutions BQ
336 BQ840-999 Biography BQ
337 BQ840-858 Collective BQ
338 BQ860-999 Individual BQ
339 BQ860-939 Gautama Buddha BQ
340 BQ940-999 Other BQ
341 BQ1001-1045 Buddhist literature BQ
342 BQ1100-3340 Tripiaka (Canonical literature) BQ
343 BQ4000-4060 General works BQ
344 BQ4061-4570 Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism BQ
345 BQ4180-4565 Special doctrines BQ
346 BQ4570 Special topics and relations to special subjects BQ
347 BQ4600-4610 Relation to other religious and philosophical systems BQ
348 BQ4620-4905 Buddhist pantheon BQ
349 BQ4911-5720 Practice of Buddhism. Forms of worship BQ
350 BQ4965-5030 Ceremonies and rites. Ceremonial rules BQ
351 BQ5035-5065 Hymns. Chants. Recitations BQ
352 BQ5070-5075 Altar, liturgical objects, ornaments, memorials, etc. BQ
353 BQ5080-5085 Vestments, altar cloths, etc. BQ
354 BQ5090-5095 Liturgical functions BQ
355 BQ5100-5125 Symbols and symbolism BQ
356 BQ5130-5137 Temple. Temple organization BQ
357 BQ5140-5355 Buddhist ministry. Priesthood. Organization BQ
358 BQ5251-5305 Education and training BQ
359 BQ5310-5350 Preaching BQ
360 BQ5360-5680 Religious life BQ
361 BQ5485-5530 Precepts for laymen BQ
362 BQ5535-5594 Devotional literature. Meditations. Prayers BQ
363 BQ5595-5633 Devotion. Meditation. Prayer BQ
364 BQ5635-5675 Spiritual life. Mysticism. Englightenment. Perfection BQ
365 BQ5700-5720 Festivals. Days and seasons BQ
366 BQ5725-5845 Folklore BQ
367 BQ5821-5845 Miracle literature BQ
368 BQ5851-5899 Benevolent work. Social work. Welfare work, etc. BQ
369 BQ5901-5975 Missionary work BQ
370 BQ6001-6160 Monasticism and monastic life Sagha (Order) BQ
371 BQ6200-6240 Asceticism. Hermits. Wayfaring life BQ
372 BQ6300-6388 Monasteries. Temples. Shrines. Sites BQ
373 BQ6400-6495 Pilgrims and pilgrimages BQ
374 BQ7001-9800 Modifications, schools, etc. BQ
375 BQ7100-7285 Therav~da (Hinayana) Buddhism BQ
376 BQ7300-7529 Mahayana Buddhism BQ
377 BQ7530-7950 Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism) BQ
378 BQ7960-7989 Bonpo (Sect) BQ
379 BQ8000-9800 Special modifications, sects, etc. BQ
380 BQ8500-8769 Pure Land Buddhism BQ
381 BQ8900-9099 Tantric Buddhism BQ
382 BQ9250-9519 Zen Buddhism BQ
383 BR Christianity B
384 BR1-1725 Christianity BR
385 BR60-67 Early Christian literature. Fathers of the Church, etc. BR
386 BR115 Christianity in relation to special subjects BR
387 BR130-133.5 Christian antiquities. Archaeology. Museums BR
388 BR140-1510 History BR
389 BR160-481 By period BR
390 BR160-275 Early and medieval BR
391 BR280 Renaissance. Renaissance and Reformation BR
392 BR290-481 Modern period BR
393 BR323.5-334.2 Luther, Martin BR
394 BR500-1510 By region or country BR
395 BR1600-1609 Persecution. Martyrs BR
396 BR1609.5 Dissent BR
397 BR1610 Tolerance and toleration BR
398 BR1615-1617 Liberalism BR
399 BR1620 Sacrilege (History) BR
400 BR1690-1725 Biography BR
401 BS The Bible B
402 BS1-2970 The Bible BS
403 BS11-115 Early versions BS
404 BS125-355 Modern texts and versions BS
405 BS125-198 English BS
406 BS199-313 Other European languages BS
407 BS315-355 Non-European languages BS
408 BS315 Asian languages BS
409 BS325 African languages BS
410 BS335 Languages of Oceania and Australasia BS
411 BS345 American Indian languages BS
412 BS350 Mixed languages BS
413 BS355 Artificial languages BS
414 BS410-680 Works about the Bible BS
415 BS500-534.8 Criticism and interpretation BS
416 BS535-537 The Bible as literature BS
417 BS546-558 Bible stories. Paraphrases of Bible stories. The Bible story BS
418 BS569-580 Men, women, and children of the Bible BS
419 BS580 Individual Old Testament characters BS
420 BS585-613 Study and teaching BS
421 BS647-649 Prophecy BS
422 BS650-667 Bible and science BS
423 BS670-672 Bible and social sciences BS
424 BS701-1830 Old Testament BS
425 BS705-815 Early versions BS
426 BS825-1013 Modern texts and versions BS
427 BS1091-1099 Selections. Quotations BS
428 BS1110-1199 Works about the Old Testament BS
429 BS1160-1191.5 Criticism and interpretation BS
430 BS1200-1830 Special parts of the Old Testament BS
431 BS1901-2970 New Testament BS
432 BS1937-2020 Early texts and versions BS
433 BS2025-2213 Modern texts and versions BS
434 BS2260-2269 Selections. Quotations BS
435 BS2280-2545 Works about the New Testament BS
436 BS2350-2393 Criticism and interpretation BS
437 BS2415-2417 The teachings of Jesus BS
438 BS2430-2520 Men, women, and children of the New Testament BS
439 BS2525-2544 Study and teaching BS
440 BS2547-2970 Special parts of the New Testament BS
441 BS2640-2765.6 Epistles of Paul BS
442 BT Doctrinal Theology B
443 BT10-1480 Doctrinal Theology BT
444 BT19-37 Doctrine and dogma BT
445 BT93-93.6 Judaism BT
446 BT95-97.2 Divine law. Moral government BT
447 BT98-180 God BT
448 BT109-115 Doctrine of the Trinity BT
449 BT117-123 Holy Spirit. The Paraclete BT
450 BT126-127.5 Revelation BT
451 BT130-153 Divine attributes BT
452 BT198-590 Christology BT
453 BT296-500 Life of Christ BT
454 BT580 Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc. BT
455 BT587 Relics BT
456 BT595-680 Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. Mariology BT
457 BT650-660 Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc. BT
458 BT695-749 Creation BT
459 BT750-811 Salvation. Soteriology BT
460 BT819-891 Eschatology. Last things BT
461 BT899-940 Future state. Future life BT
462 BT960-985 Invisible world (saints, demons, etc.) BT
463 BT990-1010 Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc. BT
464 BT1029-1040 Catechisms BT
465 BT1095-1255 Apologetics. Evidences of Christianity BT
466 BT1313-1480 History of specific doctrines and movements. Heresies and schisms BT
467 BV Practical Theology B
468 BV1-5099 Practical Theology BV
469 BV5-530 Worship (Public and private) BV
470 BV30-135 Times and seasons. The Church year BV
471 BV43-64 Feast days BV
472 BV65-70 Saints= days BV
473 BV80-105 Fasts BV
474 BV107-133 Lord=s Day. Sunday. Sabbath BV
475 BV150-168 Christian symbols and symbolism BV
476 BV169-199 Liturgy and ritual BV
477 BV200 Family worship BV
478 BV205-287 Prayer BV
479 BV301-530 Hymnology BV
480 BV360-465 Denominational and special types of hymnbooks in English BV
481 BV467-510 Hymns in languages other than English BV
482 BV590-1652 Ecclesiastical theology BV
483 BV598-603 The Church BV
484 BV629-631 Church and state BV
485 BV637-637.5 City churches BV
486 BV638-638.8 The rural church. The church and country life BV
487 BV646-651 Church polity BV
488 BV652-652.9 Church management. Efficiency BV
489 BV652.95-657 Mass media and telecommunication in religion BV
490 BV659-683 Ministry. Clergy. Religious vocations BV
491 BV700-707 Parish. Congregation. The local church BV
492 BV770-777 Church finance. Church property BV
493 BV800-873 Sacraments. Ordinances BV
494 BV803-814 Baptism BV
495 BV823-828 Holy Communion. Lord=s Supper. Eucharist BV
496 BV835-838 Marriage BV
497 BV840-850 Penance BV
498 BV895-896 Shrines. Holy places BV
499 BV900-1450 Religious societies, associations, etc. BV
500 BV950-1280 Religious societies of men, brotherhoods, etc. BV
501 BV1000-1220 Young Men=s Christian Associations BV
502 BV1300-1395 Religious societies of women BV
503 BV1300-1393 Young Women=s Christian Associations BV
504 BV1460-1615 Religious education (General) BV
505 BV1620-1652 Social life, recreation, etc., in the church BV
506 BV2000-3705 Missions BV
507 BV2123-2595 Special churches BV
508 BV2130-2300 Roman Catholic Church BV
509 BV2350-2595 Protestant churches BV
510 BV2610-2695 Special types of missions BV
511 BV2750-3695 Missions in individual countries BV
512 BV3750-3799 Evangelism. Revivals BV
513 BV4000-4470 Pastoral theology BV
514 BV4019-4180 Education BV
515 BV4019-4167 Training for the ordained ministry BV
516 BV4168-4180 Training for lay workers BV
517 BV4200-4317 Preaching. Homiletics BV
518 BV4239-4317 Sermons BV
519 BV4390-4399 Personal life of the clergy BV
520 BV4400-4470 Practical church work. Social work. Work of the layman BV
521 BV4485-5099 Practical religion. The Christian life BV
522 BV4520-4526.2 Religious duties BV
523 BV4625-4780 Moral theology BV
524 BV4625-4627 Sins and vices BV
525 BV4630-4647 Virtues BV
526 BV4650-4715 Precepts from the Bible BV
527 BV4720-4780 Precepts of the Church. Commandments of the Church BV
528 BV4800-4897 Works of meditation and devotion BV
529 BV4900-4911 Works of consolation and cheer BV
530 BV4912-4950 Conversion literature BV
531 BV5015-5068 Asceticism BV
532 BV5070-5095 Mysticism BV
533 BV5099 Quietism BV
534 BX Christian Denominations B
535 BX1-9999 Christian Denominations BX
536 BX1-9.5 Church unity. Ecumenical movement. Interdenominational cooperation BX
537 BX100-189 Eastern churches. Oriental churches BX
538 BX100-107 General BX
539 BX120-129 Armenian Church BX
540 BX130-139 Coptic Church BX
541 BX140-149 Ethiopic or Abyssinian Church BX
542 BX150-159 Nestorian, Chaldean, or East Syrian Church BX
543 BX160-169 St. Thomas Christians. Malabar Christians. Mar Thoma Syrian Church BX
544 BX170-179 Syrian or Jacobite Church BX
545 BX180-189 Maronite Church BX
546 BX200-756 Orthodox Eastern Church BX
547 BX200-395 General BX
548 BX400-756 Divisions of the church BX
549 BX400-440 Patriarchates of the East. Melchites BX
550 BX450-450.93 Church of Cyprus BX
551 BX460-605 Russian Church BX
552 BX610-620 Church of Greece BX
553 BX630-639 Orthodox Church in Austria and Hungary BX
554 BX650-659 Bulgarian Church BX
555 BX660-669 Georgian Church BX
556 BX670-679 Montenegrin Church BX
557 BX690-699 Romanian Church BX
558 BX710-719 Serbian Church. Yugoslav Church BX
559 BX720-729 Orthodox Eastern Church, Macedonian BX
560 BX729.5 Orthodox Eastern Church, Ukrainian BX
561 BX729.9-755 Orthodox Church in other regions or countries BX
562 BX800-4795 Catholic Church BX
563 BX800-839 Periodicals. Societies, councils, congresses, etc. BX
564 BX840 Museums. Exhibitions BX
565 BX841 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias BX
566 BX845 Directories. Yearbooks BX
567 BX847 Atlases BX
568 BX850-875 Documents BX
569 BX880-891 General collected works BX
570 BX895-939 Study and teaching BX
571 BX940-1745 History Including lives of popes BX
572 BX1746-1755 Theology. Doctrine. Dogmatics BX
573 BX1756 Sermons BX
574 BX1760-1779.5 Controversial works BX
575 BX1781-1788 Catholic Church and other churches BX
576 BX1790-1793 Catholic Church and the state BX
577 BX1800-1920 Government and organization BX
578 BX1958-1968 Creeds and catechisms BX
579 BX1969 Forms of worship. Catholic practice BX
580 BX1970-2175 Liturgy and ritual BX
581 BX2050-2175 Prayers and devotions BX
582 BX2177-2198 Meditations. Devotional readings. Spiritual exercises, etc. BX
583 BX2200-2292 Sacraments BX
584 BX2295-2310 Sacramentals BX
585 BX2312 Images BX
586 BX2315-2324 Relics. Shrines. Pilgrimages. Processions BX
587 BX2325-2333 Saints. Hagiology BX
588 BX2347-2377 Practical religion. Christian life BX
589 BX2380-2386 Religious life. Religious state BX
590 BX2400-4563 Monasticism. Religious orders BX
591 BX2890-4192 Religious orders of men BX
592 BX4200-4563 Religious orders of women BX
593 BX4600-4644 Churches, cathedrals, abbeys (as parish churches), etc. BX
594 BX4650-4705 Biography and portraits BX
595 BX4650-4698 Collective BX
596 BX4654-4662 Saints and martyrs BX
597 BX4700-4705 Individual BX
598 BX4700 Saints BX
599 BX4710.1-4715.95 Eastern churches in communion with Rome. Catholics of the Oriental rites. Uniats BX
600 BX4716.4-4795 Dissenting sects other than Protestant BX
601 BX4718.5-4735 Jansenists BX
602 BX4737 French schisms of the 19th century BX
603 BX4740 German Catholics BX
604 BX4751-4793 Old Catholics BX
605 BX4793.5-4794.25 Independent Catholic Churches BX
606 BX4795 Other BX
607 BX4800-9999 Protestantism BX
608 BX4800-4861 General BX
609 BX4872-4924 Pre-Reformation BX
610 BX4872-4893 Waldenses and Albigenses BX
611 BX4900-4906 Lollards. Wycliffites BX
612 BX4913-4924 Hussites BX
613 BX4920-4924 Bohemian Brethren BX
614 BX4929-4951 Post-Reformation BX
615 BX4929-4946 Anabaptists BX
616 BX4950-4951 Plain People BX
617 BX5001-5009 Anglican Communion (General) BX
618 BX5011-5207 Church of England BX
619 BX5011-5050 General BX
620 BX5051-5110 History. Local divisions BX
621 BX5115-5126 Special parties and movements BX
622 BX5127-5129.8 Church of England and other churches BX
623 BX5130-5132 General BX
624 BX5133 Sermons. Tracts. Addresses. Essays BX
625 BX5135-5136 Controversial works BX
626 BX5137-5139 Creeds and catechisms, etc. BX
627 BX5140.5-5147 Liturgy and ritual BX
628 BX5148-5149 Sacraments BX
629 BX5150-5182.5 Government. Organization. Discipline BX
630 BX5183-5187 Religious communities. Conventual life. Religious societies BX
631 BX5194-5195 Cathedrals, churches, etc. in England and Wales BX
632 BX5197-5199 Biography BX
633 BX5200-5207 Dissent and nonconformity BX
634 BX5210-5395 Episcopal Church in Scotland BX
635 BX5410-5595 Church of Ireland BX
636 BX5596-5598 Church in Wales BX
637 BX5600-5740 Church of England outside of Great Britain BX
638 BX5601-5620 Anglican Church of Canada BX
639 BX5800-5995 Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America BX
640 BX5996-6030 Protestant Episcopal Church outside the United States BX
641 BX6051-6093 Reformed Episcopal Church BX
642 BX6101-9999 Other Protestant denominations BX
643 BX6101-6193 Adventists. AMillerites@ BX
644 BX6195-6197 Arminians. Remonstrants BX
645 BX6201-6495 Baptists BX
646 BX6201-6227 General BX
647 BX6231-6328 History. Local divisions BX
648 BX6329 Baptists and other churches BX
649 BX6330-6331.2 Doctrine BX
650 BX6333 Sermons. Tracts BX
651 BX6334 Controversial works BX
652 BX6335-6336 Creeds. Catechisms BX
653 BX6337 Service. Ritual. Liturgy BX
654 BX6338-6339 Sacraments BX
655 BX6340-6346.3 Government. Discipline BX
656 BX6349-6470 Individual branches BX
657 BX6480-6490 Individual Baptist churches BX
658 BX6493-6495 Biography BX
659 BX6551-6593 Catholic Apostolic Church. Irvingites BX
660 BX6651-6693 Christadelphians. Brothers of Christ BX
661 BX6751-6793 Christian Church BX
662 BX6801-6843 Christian Reformed Church BX
663 BX6901-6997 Christian Science BX
664 BX7003 Christian Union BX
665 BX7020-7060 Church of God BX
666 BX7079-7097 Churches of God BX
667 BX7101-7260 Congregationalism BX
668 BX7301-7343 Disciples of Christ. Campbellites BX
669 BX7401-7430 Dowieism. Christian Catholic Church BX
670 BX7451-7493 Evangelical and Reformed Church BX
671 BX7556 Evangelical United Brethren Church BX
672 BX7580-7583 Free Congregations (Germany). Freie Gemeinden BX
673 BX7601-7795 Friends. Society of Friends. Quakers BX
674 BX7801-7843 German Baptist Brethren. Church of the Brethren. Dunkards BX
675 BX7850-7865 German Evangelical Protestant Church of North America. Evangelical Protestant Church of North America BX
676 BX7901-7943 German Evangelical Synod of North America BX
677 BX7990.H6-.H69 Holiness churches BX
678 BX8001-8080 Lutheran churches BX
679 BX8101-8144 Mennonites BX
680 BX8201-8495 Methodism BX
681 BX8525-8528 Millennial Dawnists. Jehovah=s Witnesses BX
682 BX8551-8593 Moravian Church. United Brethren. Unitas Fratrum. Herrnhuters BX
683 BX8601-8695 Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints BX
684 BX8701-8749 New Jerusalem Church. New Church. Swedenborgianism BX
685 BX8762-8785 Pentecostal churches BX
686 BX8799-8809 Plymouth Brethren. Darbyites BX
687 BX8901-9225 Presbyterianism. Calvinistic Methodism BX
688 BX9301-9359 Puritanism BX
689 BX9401-9640 Reformed or Calvinistic Churches BX
690 BX9675 River Brethren. Brethren in Christ BX
691 BX9701-9743 Salvation Army BX
692 BX9751-9793 Shakers. United Society of Believers. Millennial Church BX
693 BX9801-9869 Unitarianism BX
694 BX9875-9877.1 United Brethren in Christ. Church of the United Brethren in Christ BX
695 BX9881-9882.95 United Church of Canada BX
696 BX9884-9886 United Church of Christ BX
697 BX9887 United Evangelical Church BX
698 BX9889 United Missionary Church BX
699 BX9901-9969 Unviersalism. Universalists BX
700 BX9975 Volunteers of America BX
701 BX9980 Walloon Church BX
702 BX9998 Other beliefs and movements akin to Christianity BX
703 BX9999 Independent BX
704 C Auxiliary Sciences of History subjects
705 C1-51 Auxiliary Sciences of History (General) C
706 CB History of Civilization C
707 CB3-482 History of Civilization CB
708 CB156 Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages CB
709 CB158-161 Forecasts of future progress CB
710 CB195-281 Civilization and race CB
711 CB305-430 By period CB
712 CB440-482 Relation to special topics CB
713 CB450 Geography and civilization CB
714 CB478 Technology CB
715 CB481 War and civilization CB
716 CB482 Water and civilization CB
717 CC Archaeology C
718 CC1-960 Archaeology CC
719 CC72-81 Philosophy. Theory CC
720 CC73-81 Methodology CC
721 CC83-97 Study and teaching. Research CC
722 CC135-137 Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities. Antiquities and state CC
723 CC140 Forgeries of antiquities CC
724 CC200-260 Bells. Campanology. Cowbells CC
725 CC300-350 Crosses CC
726 CC600-605 Boundary stones CC
727 CC700-705 Stone heaps, cairns, etc., of unknown purpose CC
728 CC710 Hill figures CC
729 CC960 Lanterns of the dead CC
730 CD Diplomatics. Archives. Seals C
731 CD1-6471 Diplomatics. Archives. Seals CD
732 CD1-511 Diplomatics CD
733 CD70-79 Practice of special chancelleries CD
734 CD80-81 Formularies CD
735 CD87 Forgeries of documents CD
736 CD91-392 Collection of documents, facsimiles, etc., for study CD
737 CD501-511 Study and teaching CD
738 CD921-4280 Archives CD
739 CD995-4280 History and statistics CD
740 CD997 Biography of archivists CD
741 CD1000-4280 By region or country CD
742 CD5001-6471 Seals CD
743 CD5191 Iconography CD
744 CD5201-5391 Ancient CD
745 CD5501-5557 Medieval CD
746 CD5561 Renaissance CD
747 CD5575-6471 Modern CD
748 CE Technical Chronology. Calendar C
749 CE1-97 Technical Chronology. Calendar CE
750 CE21-46 Ancient CE
751 CE51-85 Medieval and modern CE
752 CE91-92 Perpetual calendars. Century calendars, etc. CE
753 CJ Numismatics C
754 CJ1-6661 Numismatics CJ
755 CJ1-4625 Coins CJ
756 CJ153 Finds of coins CJ
757 CJ161 Symbols, devices, etc. CJ
758 CJ201-1397 Ancient CJ
759 CJ1509-4625 Medieval and modern CJ
760 CJ4801-5450 Tokens CJ
761 CJ4861-4889 By period CJ
762 CJ4901-5336 By region or country CJ
763 CJ5350-5450 Special uses of tokens CJ
764 CJ5501-6661 Medals and medallions CJ
765 CJ5581-5690 Ancient CJ
766 CJ5723-5793 Medieval and modern CJ
767 CJ5795-6661 By region or country CJ
768 CN Inscriptions. Epigraphy C
769 CN1-1355 Inscriptions. Epigraphy CN
770 CN120-740 Ancient inscriptions CN
771 CN750-753 Early Christian inscriptions CN
772 CN755 Medieval inscriptions (General) CN
773 CN760 Modern inscriptions (General) CN
774 CN805-865 By language CN
775 CN870-1355 By region or country CN
776 CR Heraldry C
777 CR1-6305 Heraldry CR
778 CR51-79 Crests, monograms, devices, badges, mottoes, etc. CR
779 CR91-93 Shields and supporters CR
780 CR101-115 Flags, banners, and standards CR
781 CR191-1020 Public and official heraldry CR
782 CR1101-1131 Ecclesiastical and sacred heraldry CR
783 CR1179-3395 Family heraldry CR
784 CR3499-4420 Titles of honor, rank, precedence, etc. CR
785 CR4480-4485 Royalty. Insignia. Regalia, crown and coronets, etc. CR
786 CR4501-6305 Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.) CR
787 CR4547-4553 Ceremonials, pageants, tournaments, etc. CR
788 CR4571-4595 Duels and dueling CR
789 CR4651-6305 Orders, etc. CR
790 CS Genealogy C
791 CS1-3090 Genealogy CS
792 CS23-35 Genealogical lists, etc., covering more than one country or continent CS
793 CS38-39 Family history covering more than one country CS
794 CS42-2209 By region or country CS
795 CS2300-3090 Personal and family names CS
796 CT Biography C
797 CT21-9999 Biography CT
798 CT21-22 Biography as an art or literary form CT
799 CT31-83 History of biographical literature. Lives of biographers CT
800 CT93-206 General collective biography CT
801 CT206 Portraits CT
802 CT210-3150 National biography CT
803 CT3200-9999 Biography. By subject CT
804 CT3200-3830 Biography of women (Collective) CT
805 CT3990 Academicians. Scholars. Savants CT
806 CT9960-9998 Other miscellaneous groups CT
807 CT9999 Blank books for personal records, diaries, etc. CT
808 D History General and Old World subjects
809 D1-2027 History (General) D
810 D1-24.5 General D
811 D25-27 Military and naval history D
812 D31-34 Political and diplomatic history D
813 D51-90 Ancient history D
814 D101-110.5 Medieval and modern history, 476- D
815 D111-203 Medieval history D
816 D135-149 Migrations D
817 D151-173 Crusades D
818 D175-195 Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Latin Orient, 1099-1291 D
819 D200-203 Later medieval. 11th-15th centuries D
820 D(204)-(475) Modern history, 1453- D
821 D219-234 1453-1648 D
822 D242-283.5 1601-1715. 17th century D
823 D251-271 Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648 D
824 D274.5-6 Anglo-French War, 1666-1667 D
825 D275-276 War of Devolution, 1667-1668 D
826 D277-278.5 Dutch War, 1672-1678 D
827 D279-280.5 War of the Grand Alliance, 1688-1697 D
828 D281-283.5 War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714 D
829 D284-297 1715-1789. 18th century D
830 D291-294 War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748 D
831 D297 Seven Years= War, 1756-1763 D
832 D299-(475) 1789- D
833 D301-309 Period of the French Revolution D
834 D351-400 19th century. 1801-1914/1920 D
835 D371-(379) Eastern question D
836 D383 1815-1830. Congress of Vienna D
837 D385-393 1830-1870 D
838 D394-400 1871- . Later 19th century D
839 D410-(475) 20th century D
840 D461-(475) Eastern question D
841 D501-680 World War I (1914-1918) D
842 D720-728 Period between World Wars (1919-1939) D
843 D731-838 World War II (1939-1945) D
844 D839-860 Post-war history (1945- ) D
845 D880-888 Developing countries D
846 D890-893 Eastern Hemisphere D
847 D900-2009 Europe (General) D
848 D901-980 Description and travel D
849 D1050-2027 History D
850 DA Great Britain D
851 DA1-995 History of Great Britain DA
852 DA10-18.2 British Empire. Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth DA
853 DA20-690 England DA
854 DA20-27.5 General DA
855 DA28-592 History DA
856 DA28-35 General DA
857 DA40-89.6 Political, military, naval, and Air Force history. Foreign relations DA
858 DA90-125 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DA
859 DA129-592 By period DA
860 DA129-260 Early and medieval to 1485 DA
861 DA140-199 Celts. Romans. Saxons. Danes. Normans DA
862 DA200-260 1154-1485. Angevins. Plantagenets. Lancaster-York DA
863 DA300-592 Modern, 1485- DA
864 DA310-360 Tudors, 1485-1603 DA
865 DA350-360 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. Elizabethan age DA
866 DA385-398 Early Stuarts, 1603-1642 DA
867 DA400-429 Civil War and Commonwealth, 1642-1660 DA
868 DA430-463 Later Stuarts DA
869 DA498-503 1714-1760 DA
870 DA505-522 George III, 1760-1820 DA
871 DA550-565 Victorian era, 1837-1901 DA
872 DA566-592 20th century DA
873 DA600-667 Description and travel. Guidebooks DA
874 DA670-690 Local history and description DA
875 DA670 Counties, regions, etc., A-Z DA
876 DA675-689 London DA
877 DA690 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DA
878 DA700-745 Wales DA
879 DA700-713 General DA
880 DA714-722.1 History DA
881 DA725-738 Description and travel DA
882 DA740-745 Local history and description DA
883 DA750-890 Scotland DA
884 DA750-757.7 General DA
885 DA757.9-826 History DA
886 DA757.9-763 General DA
887 DA765-774.5 Political and military history. Antiquities, etc. DA
888 DA774.8-826 By period DA
889 DA777-790 Early and medieval to 1603 DA
890 DA783.2-783.45 War of Independence, 1285-1371 DA
891 DA783.5-790 Stuarts, 1371-1603 DA
892 DA800-814.5 1603-1707/1745 DA
893 DA807 The Union, 1707 DA
894 DA813-814.5 1707-1745. Jacobite movements DA
895 DA815-826 19th-20th centuries DA
896 DA850-878 Description and travel DA
897 DA880-890 Local history and description DA
898 DA900-995 Ireland DA
899 DA900-908.7 General DA
900 DA909-965 History DA
901 DA909-916.8 General DA
902 DA920-927 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DA
903 DA930-965 By period DA
904 DA930-937.5 Early and medieval to 1603 DA
905 DA933.3 English conquest, 1154-1189 DA
906 DA938-966.2 Modern, 1603- DA
907 DA949.5 The Union, 1800 DA
908 DA949.7-965 19th-20th centuries. Irish question DA
909 DA963 1922- . Republic of Ireland. Irish Free State DA
910 DA966-966.2 21st century DA
911 DA969-988 Description and travel DA
912 DA990-995 Local history and description DA
913 DA990.U45-U46 Northern Ireland (Ulster) DA
914 DAW Central Europe D
915 DAW1001-1051 History of Central Europe DAW
916 DAW1001-1028 General DAW
917 DAW1031-1051 History DAW
918 DB Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia D
919 DB1-3150 History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia DB
920 DB1-879 Austria. Austro-Hungarian Empire DB
921 DB1-20.5 General DB
922 DB21-27.5 Description and travel DB
923 DB29-34.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DB
924 DB35-99.2 History DB
925 DB35-40.5 General DB
926 DB42-49 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DB
927 DB51-99.2 By period DB
928 DB51-64 Early and medieval to 1521 DB
929 DB60-64 Wars with the Turks DB
930 DB65-99.2 1521- DB
931 DB65.2-65.9 1521-1648 DB
932 DB66-69.5 1648-1740 DB
933 DB69.7-77 1740-1815 DB
934 DB80-99.2 19th-20th centuries DB
935 DB83 Revolution, 1848 DB
936 DB96-99.2 Republic, 1918- DB
937 DB99-99.1 1938-1955. German annexation. Allied occupation DB
938 DB99.2 1955- DB
939 DB101-879 Local history and description DB
940 DB101-785 Provinces, regions, etc. DB
941 DB841-860 Vienna DB
942 DB879 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DB
943 DB881-898 Liechtenstein DB
944 DB901-999 Hungary DB
945 DB901-906.7 General DB
946 DB906.9-920.5 Description and travel. Antiquities. Ethnography DB
947 DB921-958.6 History DB
948 DB927-958.6 By period DB
949 DB927-932.9 Early to 1792 DB
950 DB929-929.8 Árpád dynasty, 896-1301 DB
951 DB929.95-931.9 Elective kings, 1301-1526 DB
952 DB932.95-945 1792-1918. 19th century DB
953 DB934.5-939.5 Revolution of 1848-1849 DB
954 DB940-945 1849-1918 DB
955 DB946-958.6 20th century DB
956 DB955-955.8 1918-1945. Revolution of 1919-1920 DB
957 DB955.9-957.5 1945-1989. Revolution of 1956 DB
958 DB957.9-958.6 1989- DB
959 DB974.9-999 Local history and description DB
960 DB974.9-975 Counties, regions, etc. DB
961 DB981-997 Budapest DB
962 DB2000-3150 Czechoslovakia DB
963 DB2000-2035 General. Description and travel. Antiquities. Social life and customs DB
964 DB2040-2043 Ethnography DB
965 DB2044-2247 History DB
966 DB2080-2247 By period DB
967 DB2080-2133 Early and medieval to 1526 DB
968 DB2135-2182 Hapsburg rule, 1526-1918 DB
969 DB2185-2241 Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1992 DB
970 DB2242-2247 1993- . Independent Czech Republic DB
971 DB2300-2650 Local history and description of Czech lands DB
972 DB2300-2421 Moravia DB
973 DB2600-2649 Prague (Praha) DB
974 DB2700-3150 Slovakia DB
975 DB3100-3139 Bratislava (Pressburg) DB
976 DC France. Andorra. Monaco D
977 DC1-947 History of France DC
978 DC1-20.5 General DC
979 DC21-29.3 Description and travel DC
980 DC30-34.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DC
981 DC35-424 History DC
982 DC35-41 General DC
983 DC44-59.8 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DC
984 DC60-424 By period DC
985 DC60-109 Early and medieval to 1515 DC
986 DC62-64 Gauls. Celts. Franks DC
987 DC64.7-94 476-1328. Merovingians. Carlovingians. Capetians DC
988 DC95-109 1328-1515 DC
989 DC96-101.7 Hundred Years= War, 1339-1453 DC
990 DC101.9-109 15th century. Jeanne d=Arc, Saint DC
991 DC110-433 Modern, 1515- DC
992 DC111-120 1515-1589. 16th century DC
993 DC118 Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572 DC
994 DC120.8-130 1589-1715. Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV DC
995 DC131-138 1715-1789. 18th century. Louis XV, Louis XVI DC
996 DC139-249 Revolutionary and Napoleonic period, 1789-1815 DC
997 DC251-354.9 19th century DC
998 DC256-260 Restoration, 1815-1830 DC
999 DC261-269 July Revolution of 1830. July Monarchy, 1830-1848 DC
1000 DC270-274.5 February Revolution and Second Republic DC
1001 DC275-280.5 Second Empire, 1852-1870 DC
1002 DC281-326.5 Franco-German or Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871 DC
1003 DC330-354.9 Later 19th century DC
1004 DC361-424 20th century DC
1005 DC397 1940-1946 DC
1006 DC398-409 Fourth Republic, 1947-1958 DC
1007 DC411-424 Fifth Republic, 1958- DC
1008 DC425-433 21st century DC
1009 DC600-801 Local history and description DC
1010 DC601.1-609.83 North, East, etc. France DC
1011 DC611 Regions, provinces, departments, etc., A-Z DC
1012 DC701-790 Paris DC
1013 DC801 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DC
1014 DC921-930 Andorra DC
1015 DC941-947 Monaco DC
1016 DD Germany D
1017 DD1-(905) History of Germany DD
1018 DD1-21 General DD
1019 DD21.5-43 Description and travel DD
1020 DD51-78 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DD
1021 DD84-257.4 History DD
1022 DD84-96 General DD
1023 DD99-120 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DD
1024 DD121-257.4 By period DD
1025 DD121-124 Earliest to 481 DD
1026 DD125-174.6 Early and medieval to 1519 DD
1027 DD126-155 Medieval Empire, 481-1273 DD
1028 DD127-135 481-918. Merovingians. Carolingians DD
1029 DD136-144 919-1125. Houses of Saxony and Franconia DD
1030 DD145-155 1125-1273. Hohenstaufen period DD
1031 DD156-174.6 1273-1519. Houses of Habsburg and Luxemburg DD
1032 DD175-257.4 Modern, 1519- DD
1033 DD176-189 1519-1648. Reformation and Counter-reformation DD
1034 DD181-183 Peasants= War, 1524-1525 DD
1035 DD184-184.7 Schmalkaldic League and War, 1530-1547 DD
1036 DD189 Period of Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648 DD
1037 DD190-199 1648-1815. 18th century. French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period DD
1038 DD201-257.4 19th-20th centuries DD
1039 DD206-216 1815-1871 DD
1040 DD217-231 New Empire, 1871-1918 DD
1041 DD228.8 Period of World War I, 1914-1918 DD
1042 DD233-257.4 Revolution and Republic, 1918- DD
1043 DD253-256.8 Hitler, 1933-1945. National socialism DD
1044 DD(256) Period of World War II, 1939-1945 DD
1045 DD257-257.4 Period of Allied occupation, 1945- DD
1046 DD258-262 West Germany DD
1047 DD280-289.5 East Germany DD
1048 DD301-454 Prussia DD
1049 DD301-312 General DD
1050 DD314-320 Description and travel DD
1051 DD325-339 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DD
1052 DD341-454 History DD
1053 DD701-901 Local history and description DD
1054 DD701-788 North and Central, Northeast, etc. Germany DD
1055 DD801 States, provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DD
1056 DD851-900 Berlin DD
1057 DD900.2-900.76 Bonn DD
1058 DD901 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DD
1059 DE Greco-Roman world D
1060 DE1-100 History of the Greco-Roman world DE
1061 DE1-15.5 General DE
1062 DE23-31 Geography DE
1063 DE46-73.2 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography DE
1064 DE80-100 History DE
1065 DF Greece D
1066 DF10-951 History of Greece DF
1067 DF10-289 Ancient Greece DF
1068 DF10-16 General DF
1069 DF27-41 Geography. Travel DF
1070 DF75-136 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography DF
1071 DF207-241 History DF
1072 DF207-218 General DF
1073 DF220-241 By period DF
1074 DF220-221 Bronze Age, Minoan, and Mycenaean ages DF
1075 DF221.2-224 ca. 1125-500 B.C. Age of Tyrants DF
1076 DF225-226 Persian wars, 499-479 B.C. DF
1077 DF227-228 Athenian supremacy. Age of Pericles. 479-431 B.C. DF
1078 DF229-230 Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C. DF
1079 DF230.9-231.9 Spartan and Theban supremacies, 404-362 B.C. DF
1080 DF232.5-233.8 Macedonian epoch. Age of Philip. 359-336 B.C. DF
1081 DF234-234.9 Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C. DF
1082 DF235-238.9 Hellenistic period, 323-146.B.C. DF
1083 DF239-241 Roman epoch, 140 B.C.-323/476 A.D. DF
1084 DF251-289 Local history and description DF
1085 DF501-649 Medieval Greece. Byzantine Empire, 323-1453 DF
1086 DF501-518 General DF
1087 DF520-542.4 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DF
1088 DF545-548 Military history. Political history. Empire and papacy DF
1089 DF550-649 History DF
1090 DF550-552.8 General DF
1091 DF553-599.5 Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057. Constantine the Great DF
1092 DF599.8-649 1057-1453 DF
1093 DF610-629 1204-1261. Latin Empire DF
1094 DF630-649 1261-1453. Palaeologi DF
1095 DF645-649 1453. Fall of Constantinople DF
1096 DF701-951 Modern Greece DF
1097 DF701-720 General DF
1098 DF720.5-728 Description and travel DF
1099 DF741-748 Social life and customs. Ethnography DF
1100 DF750-854.32 History DF
1101 DF750-760 General DF
1102 DF765-787 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DF
1103 DF801-854.32 By period DF
1104 DF801-801.9 Turkish rule, 1453-1821 DF
1105 DF802-832 1821-1913 DF
1106 DF804-815 War of Independence, 1821-1829 DF
1107 DF816-818 Kapodistrias, 1827-1831 DF
1108 DF833-854.32 20th century DF
1109 DF848 Republic, 1924-1935 DF
1110 DF895-951 Local history and description DF
1111 DF901 Regions, provinces, islands, etc., A-Z DF
1112 DF901.C78-C88 Crete DF
1113 DF915-936 Athens DF
1114 DF951 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DF
1115 DG Italy. Malta D
1116 DG11-999 History of Italy DG
1117 DG11-365 Ancient Italy. Rome to 476 DG
1118 DG11-16 General DG
1119 DG27-41 Geography. Description and travel DG
1120 DG51-70 Local history and description DG
1121 DG51-55 Regions in Italy, A-Z DG
1122 DG59 Regions outside of Italy, A-Z DG
1123 DG61-69 Rome (City) to 476 DG
1124 DG70 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DG
1125 DG75-190 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography DG
1126 DG201-365 History DG
1127 DG201-215 General DG
1128 DG221-365 By period DG
1129 DG221-225 Pre-Roman Italy. Etruria. Etruscans DG
1130 DG231-269 Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C. DG
1131 DG233-233.9 Foundations and kings, 753-510 DG
1132 DG235-269 Republic, 509-27 DG
1133 DG237-238 Subjection of Italy, 343-290 DG
1134 DG241-253 Conquest of Mediterranean world. 264-133 DG
1135 DG242-249.4 First and Second Punic Wars. Illyrian wars. 264-201 DG
1136 DG250-253 Wars in the East and in the West. 200-133 DG
1137 DG253.5-269 Fall of the Republic and establishment of the Empire. 133-27 DG
1138 DG256-260 Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey). 111-78 DG
1139 DG261-267 Julius Caesar. First Triumvirate, 60 DG
1140 DG268-269 Second Triumvirate, 43-31 DG
1141 DG269.5-365 Empire, 27 B.C. - 476 A.D. DG
1142 DG269.5-274.3 General DG
1143 DG275-309.3 Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C. - 284 A.D. DG
1144 DG310-365 284-476. Decline and fall DG
1145 DG401-583.8 Medieval and modern Italy, 476- DG
1146 DG401-421 General DG
1147 DG421.5-430.2 Description and travel DG
1148 DG431-457 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DG
1149 DG461-583.8 History DG
1150 DG461-473 General DG
1151 DG480-499 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DG
1152 DG500-583.8 By period DG
1153 DG500-537.8 Medieval, 476-1492 DG
1154 DG503-529 476-1268 DG
1155 DG506-514.7 489-774. Gothic and Lombard kingdoms. Byzantine exarchate, 553-568 DG
1156 DG515-529 774-1268. Frankish and German emperors DG
1157 DG530-537.8 1268-1492 DG
1158 DG532-537.8 Renaissance DG
1159 DG538-583.8 Modern, 1492- DG
1160 DG539-545.8 16th-18th centuries DG
1161 DG546-549 1792-1815. Napoleonic period DG
1162 DG548-549 Kingdom of Italy DG
1163 DG550.5-564 19th century DG
1164 DG552-554.5 1848-1871. Risorgimento DG
1165 DG553-553.5 1848-1849. Austro-Sardinian War DG
1166 DG555-575 1871-1947. United Italy (Monarchy) DG
1167 DG571-572 1919-1945. Fascism DG
1168 DG576-583.8 1948- . Republic DG
1169 DG600-684.72 Northern Italy DG
1170 DG600-609 General DG
1171 DG610-618.78 Piedmont. Savoy DG
1172 DG631-645 Genoa DG
1173 DG651-664.5 Milan. Lombardy DG
1174 DG670-684.72 Venice DG
1175 DG691-817.3 Central Italy DG
1176 DG691-694 General DG
1177 DG731-759.3 Tuscany. Florence DG
1178 DG791-800 Papal States (States of the Church). Holy See. Vatican City DG
1179 DG803-817.3 Rome (Modern city) DG
1180 DG819-875 Southern Italy DG
1181 DG819-829 General DG
1182 DG831 Sicily and Malta DG
1183 DG840-857.5 Naples. Kingdom of the Two Sicilies DG
1184 DG861-875 Sicily DG
1185 DG975 Other cities (non-metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z DG
1186 DG987-999 Malta. Maltese Islands DG
1187 DH Low Countries. Benelux Countries D
1188 DH1-925 History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries DH
1189 DH1-23 General DH
1190 DH31-40 Description and travel DH
1191 DH51-92 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DH
1192 DH95-207 History DH
1193 DH95-109 General DH
1194 DH113-137 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DH
1195 DH141-207 By period DH
1196 DH141-162 Early and medieval to 1384 DH
1197 DH171-184 1384-1555. House of Burgundy DH
1198 DH185-207 Wars of Independence, 1555-1648 DH
1199 DH401-811 Belgium DH
1200 DH401-430 General DH
1201 DH431-435 Description and travel DH
1202 DH451-492 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DH
1203 DH503-694 History DH
1204 DH503-527 General DH
1205 DH540-569 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DH
1206 DH571-694 By period DH
1207 DH571-584 Early and medieval to 1555 DH
1208 DH585-619 1555-1794. Spanish and Austrian rule DH
1209 DH611-619 1714-1794. Austrian Netherlands DH
1210 DH620-676 1794-1909 DH
1211 DH631 French rule, 1794-1813 DH
1212 DH650-652 Revolution of 1830 DH
1213 DH677-694 20th century DH
1214 DH801-811 Local history and description DH
1215 DH801 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DH
1216 DH802-809.95 Brussels DH
1217 DH811 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DH
1218 DH901-925 Luxembourg DH
1219 DJ Netherlands D
1220 DJ1-(500) History of Netherlands (Holland) DJ
1221 DJ1-30 General DJ
1222 DJ33-41 Description and travel DJ
1223 DJ51-92 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DJ
1224 DJ95-292 History DJ
1225 DJ95-116 General DJ
1226 DJ124-150 Military, naval, and political history, etc. Foreign relations DJ
1227 DJ151-292 By period DJ
1228 DJ151-152 Early and medieval to 1555 DJ
1229 DJ154-210 1555-1795. United provinces DJ
1230 DJ180-182 Anglo-Dutch wars, 1652-1667 DJ
1231 DJ190-191 War with France, 1672-1678 DJ
1232 DJ193 Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674 DJ
1233 DJ196-199.2 Stadtholders, 1702-1747 DJ
1234 DJ205-206 Anglo-Dutch War, 1780-1784 DJ
1235 DJ208-209 War with France, 1793-1795 DJ
1236 DJ211 1795-1806. Batavian Republic DJ
1237 DJ215-292 19th-20th centuries DJ
1238 DJ401-411 Local history and description DJ
1239 DJ411.A5-A59 Amsterdam DJ
1240 DJK Eastern Europe D
1241 DJK1-77 History of Eastern Europe (General) DJK
1242 DJK26-28 Ethnography DJK
1243 DJK27 Slavic peoples (General) DJK
1244 DJK30-51 History DJK
1245 DJK61-77 Local history and description DJK
1246 DJK61-66 Black Sea region DJK
1247 DJK71-76 Carpathian Mountain region DJK
1248 DJK76.2-76.8 Danube River Valley DJK
1249 DJK77 Pannonia DJK
1250 DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics. Poland D
1251 DK1-949.5 History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics DK
1252 DK33-35.5 Ethnography DK
1253 DK36-293 History DK
1254 DK70-112.42 Early to 1613 DK
1255 DK70-99.7 Rus= DK
1256 DK99.8-112.42 Muscovy DK
1257 DK112.8-264.8 House of Romanov, 1613-1917 DK
1258 DK265-265.95 Revolution, 1917-1921 DK
1259 DK266-292 Soviet regime, 1918-1991 DK
1260 DK293 1991- DK
1261 DK500 Regions not limited to one Republic, A-Z DK
1262 DK501-949.5 Local history and description DK
1263 DK502.3-502.75 Baltic States DK
1264 DK503-503.95 Estonia DK
1265 DK503.92-503.939 Tallinn DK
1266 DK504-504.95 Latvia DK
1267 DK504.92-504.939 Riga DK
1268 DK505-505.95 Lithuania DK
1269 DK505.92-505.939 Vilnius DK
1270 DK507-507.95 Belarus. Byelorussian S.S.R. White Russia DK
1271 DK507.92-507.939 Minsk DK
1272 DK508-508.95 Ukraine DK
1273 DK508.92-508.939 Kiev DK
1274 DK509 Southern Soviet Union DK
1275 DK509.1-509.95 Moldova. Moldovian S.S.R. Bessarabia DK
1276 DK509.92-509.939 Chisinau. Kishinev DK
1277 DK510-651 Russia (Federation). Russian S.F.S.R. DK
1278 DK541-579 Saint Petersburg. Leningrad. Petrograd DK
1279 DK588-609 Moscow DK
1280 DK670-679.5 Georgia (Republic). Georgian S.S.R. Georgian Sakartvelo DK
1281 DK679.2-679.39 Tbilisi. Tiflis DK
1282 DK680-689.5 Armenia (Republic). Armenian S.S.R. DK
1283 DK689.2-689.39 Yerevan. Erevan DK
1284 DK690-699.5 Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan S.S.R. DK
1285 DK699.2-699.39 Baku DK
1286 DK751-781 Siberia DK
1287 DK845-860 Soviet Central Asia. West Turkestan DK
1288 DK901-909.5 Kazakhstan. Kazakh S.S.R. DK
1289 DK909.2-909.39 Alma Ata DK
1290 DK911-919.5 Kyrgyzstan. Kirghiz S.S.R. Kirghizia DK
1291 DK919.2-919.39 Frunze DK
1292 DK921-929.5 Tajikistan. Tajik S.S.R. Tadzhikistan DK
1293 DK929.2-929.39 Dushanbe DK
1294 DK931-939.5 Turkmenistan. Turkmen S.S.R. Turkmenia DK
1295 DK939.2-939.39 Ashkhabad DK
1296 DK941-949.5 Uzbekistan. Uzbek S.S.R. DK
1297 DK949.2-949.39 Tashkent DK
1298 DK4010-4800 History of Poland DK
1299 DK4120-4122 Ethnography DK
1300 DK4123-4452 History DK
1301 DK4186-4348 To 1795 DK
1302 DK4348.5-4395 1795-1918. 19th century (General) DK
1303 DK4397-4420 1918-1945 DK
1304 DK4429-4442 1945-1989. People=s Republic DK
1305 DK4445-4452 1989- DK
1306 DK4600-4800 Local history and description DK
1307 DK4610-4645 Warsaw (Warszawa) DK
1308 DK4650-4685 Gdansk (Danzig) DK
1309 DK4700-4735 Krakow (Cracow) DK
1310 DL Northern Europe. Scandinavia D
1311 DL1-1180 History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia DL
1312 DL1-6.8 General DL
1313 DL7-11.5 Description and travel DL
1314 DL20-42.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DL
1315 DL43-87 History DL
1316 DL43-49 General DL
1317 DL52-59 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DL
1318 DL61-87 By period DL
1319 DL61-65 Earliest to 1387. Scandinavian Empire. Northmen. Vikings DL
1320 DL75-81 1387-1900 DL
1321 DL83-87 1900- . Period of World War I, 1914-1918 DL
1322 DL101-291 Denmark DL
1323 DL101-114.5 General DL
1324 DL115-120 Description and travel DL
1325 DL121-142.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DL
1326 DL143-263.3 History DL
1327 DL143-151 General DL
1328 DL154-159.5 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DL
1329 DL160-263.3 By period DL
1330 DL160-183.9 Early and medieval to 1523 DL
1331 DL162-173.8 750-1241. Norwegian rule, 1042-1047 DL
1332 DL174-183.9 1241-1523. Union of Kalmar, 1397 DL
1333 DL184-263.3 Modern, 1523- DL
1334 DL185-192.8 1523-1670 DL
1335 DL190 War with Sweden, 1643-1645 DL
1336 DL192 War with Sweden, 1657-1660 DL
1337 DL193-199.8 1670-1808 DL
1338 DL196.3 Period of Northern War, 1700-1721 DL
1339 DL201-249 1808-1906. 19th century DL
1340 DL217-223 Schleswig-Holstein War, 1848-1850 DL
1341 DL236-239.6 Schleswig-Holstein War, 1864 DL
1342 DL250-263.3 20th century DL
1343 DL269-291 Local history and description DL
1344 DL271 Counties, regions, islands, etc., A-Z DL
1345 DL276 Copenhagen DL
1346 DL291 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DL
1347 DL301-398 Iceland DL
1348 DL301-334 General. Description and travel, etc. DL
1349 DL335-380 History DL
1350 DL396-398 Local history and description DL
1351 DL401-596 Norway DL
1352 DL401-414 General DL
1353 DL415-419.2 Description and travel DL
1354 DL420-442.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DL
1355 DL443-537 History DL
1356 DL443-451.5 General DL
1357 DL453-459 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DL
1358 DL460-537 By period DL
1359 DL460-478 Early and medieval to 1387 DL
1360 DL480-502 1387-1814. Union of Kalmar, 1397 DL
1361 DL499 War of 1807-1814 DL
1362 DL500-502 Union with Sweden, 1814 DL
1363 DL503-526 1814-1905. 19th century DL
1364 DL525 Dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union, 1905 DL
1365 DL527-537 20th century. Period of World War II, 1939-1945 DL
1366 DL576-596 Local history and description DL
1367 DL576 Counties, regions, etc., A-Z DL
1368 DL581 Oslo (Christiania) DL
1369 DL596 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DL
1370 DL601-991 Sweden DL
1371 DL601-614.5 General DL
1372 DL614.55-619.5 Description and travel DL
1373 DL621-642 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DL
1374 DL643-879 History DL
1375 DL643-651 General DL
1376 DL654-659 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DL
1377 DL660-879 By period DL
1378 DL660-700.9 Early and medieval to 1523. Union of Kalmar, 1397 DL
1379 DL701-879 Modern, 1523- DL
1380 DL701-719.9 Vasa dynasty, 1523-1654. Gustaf II Adolf, 1611-1632 DL
1381 DL710-712 Wars with Denmark, Russia, Poland DL
1382 DL721-743 Zweibrücken dynasty, 1654-1718 DL
1383 DL733-743 Northern War, 1700-1721 DL
1384 DL747-805 1718-1818 DL
1385 DL790 Revolution and loss of Finland, 1809 DL
1386 DL805 Union with Norway, 1814 DL
1387 DL807-859 1814-1907. 19th century DL
1388 DL860-879 20th century DL
1389 DL971-991 Local history and description DL
1390 DL971 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DL
1391 DL976 Stockholm DL
1392 DL991 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DL
1393 DL1002-1180 Finland DL
1394 DL1002-1014.5 General DL
1395 DL1015-1015.4 Description and travel DL
1396 DL1016-1022 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DL
1397 DL1024-1141.6 History DL
1398 DL1024-1033 General DL
1399 DL1036-1048 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DL
1400 DL1050-1141.6 By period DL
1401 DL1050-1052.9 Early to 1523 DL
1402 DL1055-1141.6 Modern, 1523- DL
1403 DL1070-1078 Revolution, 1917-1918. Civil War DL
1404 DL1090-1105 1939-1945 DL
1405 DL1095-1105 Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940 DL
1406 DL1122-1135.5 1945-1981 DL
1407 DL1140-1141.6 1981- DL
1408 DL1170-1180 Local history and description DL
1409 DL1170 Regions, provinces, historical regions, etc., A-Z DL
1410 DL1175-1175.95 Helsinki (Helsingfors) DL
1411 DL1180 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DL
1412 DP Spain. Portugal D
1413 DP1-402 History of Spain DP
1414 DP1-27 General DP
1415 DP27.5-43.2 Description and travel DP
1416 DP44-53 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DP
1417 DP56-272.4 History DP
1418 DP56-75 General DP
1419 DP76-86 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DP
1420 DP91-272.4 By period DP
1421 DP91-96 Earliest to 711 DP
1422 DP92-96 Pre-Roman, Roman, and Gothic periods DP
1423 DP97.3-160.8 711-1516. Moorish domination and the Reconquest DP
1424 DP100-123 Moors in Spain. Córdoba. Kingdom of Granada DP
1425 DP124-133.7 Aragon (Catalonia) DP
1426 DP134-143.8 Castile and Leon DP
1427 DP145-152.8 León (Asturias) DP
1428 DP153-160.8 Navarre DP
1429 DP161-272.4 Modern Spain, 1479/1516- DP
1430 DP161.5-166 1479-1516. Fernando V and Isabel I DP
1431 DP170-189 1516-1700. Habsburgs DP
1432 DP192-200.8 1700-1808. Bourbons DP
1433 DP201-232.6 1808-1886. 19th century DP
1434 DP204-208 1808-1814. Napoleonic period DP
1435 DP212-220 1814-1868. Bourbon restoration DP
1436 DP219-219.2 Carlist War, 1833-1840 DP
1437 DP222-232.6 1868-1886 DP
1438 DP224-226 Revolution, 1868-1870 DP
1439 DP230-231.5 First Republic, 1873-1875 DP
1440 DP233-272.4 20th century. 1886- DP
1441 DP250-269.9 Second Republic, 1931-1939 DP
1442 DP269-269.9 Civil War, 1936-1939 DP
1443 DP269.97-271 1939-1975 DP
1444 DP272-272.4 1975- DP
1445 DP285-402 Local history and description DP
1446 DP285-295 Northern, Northwestern, Southern Spain DP
1447 DP302 Provinces, regions, ets., A-Z DP
1448 DP350-374 Madrid DP
1449 DP402 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DP
1450 DP501-(900.22) History of Portugal DP
1451 DP501-520 General DP
1452 DP521-526.5 Description and travel DP
1453 DP528-534.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DP
1454 DP535-682.2 History DP
1455 DP535-546 General DP
1456 DP547-557 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DP
1457 DP558-682.2 By period DP
1458 DP558-618 Early and medieval to 1580 DP
1459 DP568-578 House of Burgundy, 1095-1383 DP
1460 DP580 Interregnum, 1383-1385 DP
1461 DP582-618 House of Aviz, 1385-1580 DP
1462 DP620-682.2 1580- DP
1463 DP622-629 1580-1640. Spanish dynasty (Sixty years= captivity) DP
1464 DP632-644.9 1640-1816. House of Braganza DP
1465 DP645-669 1816-1908 DP
1466 DP650 Revolution of 1820 DP
1467 DP657 Wars of succession, 1826-1840 DP
1468 DP670-682.2 20th century DP
1469 DP674 Revolution of October 1910 DP
1470 DP675-682.2 Republic, 1910- . Revolution of 1919 DP
1471 DP702-802 Local history and description DP
1472 DP702 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DP
1473 DP752-776 Lisbon DP
1474 DP802 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DP
1475 DQ Switzerland D
1476 DQ1-851 History of Switzerland DQ
1477 DQ1-20 General DQ
1478 DQ20.5-26 Description and travel DQ
1479 DQ30-49.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DQ
1480 DQ51-210 History DQ
1481 DQ51-57 General DQ
1482 DQ59-76 Military and political history. Foreign relations DQ
1483 DQ78-210 By period DQ
1484 DQ78-110 Early and medieval to 1516 DQ
1485 DQ79-84 Early to 687. Celts and Romans. Teutonic tribes DQ
1486 DQ85-87 687-1291. Carolingian and German rule DQ
1487 DQ88-110 1291-1516. Federation and independence DQ
1488 DQ111-123 1516-1798 DQ
1489 DQ124-191 19th century DQ
1490 DQ131-151 1789/1798-1815. Helvetic Republic, 1798-1803 DQ
1491 DQ154-161 1815-1848. Sonderbund, 1845-1847 DQ
1492 DQ171-191 1848-1900 DQ
1493 DQ201-210 20th century DQ
1494 DQ301-851 Local history and description DQ
1495 DQ301-800.35 Cantons (and cantonal capitals) DQ
1496 DQ820-829 Alps DQ
1497 DQ841 Regions, peaks, etc., A-Z DQ
1498 DQ851 Cities, towns, etc., A-Z DQ
1499 DR Balkan Peninsula D
1500 DR1-2285 History of Balkan Peninsula DR
1501 DR1-11 General DR
1502 DR11.5-16 Description and travel DR
1503 DR20-27 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1504 DR32-48.5 History. Balkan War, 1912-1913 DR
1505 DR50-50.84 Thrace DR
1506 DR51-98 Bulgaria DR
1507 DR51-56.7 General DR
1508 DR57-60.2 Description and travel DR
1509 DR62-64.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1510 DR65-93.47 History DR
1511 DR65-69.5 General DR
1512 DR70-73 Military and political history. Foreign relations DR
1513 DR73.7-93.47 By period DR
1514 DR73.7-80.8 Early and medieval DR
1515 DR74.5-77.8 First Bulgarian Empire, 681-1018 DR
1516 DR79-79.25 Greek rule, 1018-1185 DR
1517 DR80-80.8 Second Bulgarian Empire, 1185-1396 DR
1518 DR81-84 Turkish rule, 1396-1878 DR
1519 DR84.9-89.8 1878-1944 DR
1520 DR89.9-93.34 1944-1990 DR
1521 DR93.4-93.47 1990- DR
1522 DR95-98 Local history and description DR
1523 DR95 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DR
1524 DR97 Sofia DR
1525 DR98 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DR
1526 DR201-296 Romania DR
1527 DR201-206 General DR
1528 DR207-210 Description and travel DR
1529 DR211-214.2 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1530 DR215-269.6 History DR
1531 DR215-218 General DR
1532 DR219-229 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DR
1533 DR238-269.6 By period DR
1534 DR238-240.5 Early and medieval to 1601. Roman period DR
1535 DR241-241.5 Phanariote regime, 1601-1822 DR
1536 DR242-249 1822-1881. 19th century DR
1537 DR250-266.5 1866/1881-1944 DR
1538 DR267-267.5 1944-1989 DR
1539 DR268-269.6 1989- DR
1540 DR279-296 Local history and description DR
1541 DR279-280.74 Transylvania DR
1542 DR281 Other provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DR
1543 DR286 Bucharest DR
1544 DR296 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DR
1545 DR401-741 Turkey DR
1546 DR401-419 General DR
1547 DR421-429.4 Description and travel DR
1548 DR431-435 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1549 DR436-605 History DR
1550 DR436-446 General DR
1551 DR448-479 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DR
1552 DR481-605 By period DR
1553 DR481 Earliest to 1281/1453 DR
1554 DR485-555.7 1281/1453-1789. Fall of Constantinople, 1453 DR
1555 DR511-529 1566-1640. Period of decline DR
1556 DR515-516 Cyprian War, 1570-1571. Holy League, 1571 DR
1557 DR531-555.7 1640-1789 DR
1558 DR534.2-534.5 War of Candia, 1644-1669 DR
1559 DR556-567 1789-1861. 19th century DR
1560 DR568-575 1861-1909. War with Russia, 1877-1878 DR
1561 DR576-605 20th century. Constitutional movement DR
1562 DR701-741 Local history and description (European Turkey) DR
1563 DR701 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DR
1564 DR716-739 Istanbul (Constantinople) DR
1565 DR741 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DR
1566 DR901-998 Albania DR
1567 DR901-914.5 General DR
1568 DR915-918 Description and travel DR
1569 DR921-926 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1570 DR927-978.52 History DR
1571 DR927-946 General DR
1572 DR947-953 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DR
1573 DR954-978.52 By period DR
1574 DR954-960.5 To 1501 DR
1575 DR961-969 1501-1912. Turkish rule DR
1576 DR969.8-978.52 20th century DR
1577 DR996-998 Local history and description DR
1578 DR996 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z DR
1579 DR997 Tiranë DR
1580 DR998 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z DR
1581 DR1202-2285 Yugoslavia DR
1582 DR1202-1218 General DR
1583 DR1220-1224 Description and travel DR
1584 DR1227-1231 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography DR
1585 DR1232-1321 History DR
1586 DR1232-1249 General DR
1587 DR1250-1258 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations DR
1588 DR1259-1321 By period DR
1589 DR1259-1265 Early and medieval to 1500 DR
1590 DR1266-1272 1500-1800 DR
1591 DR1273-1280 1800-1918 DR
1592 DR1281-1321 1918- DR
1593 DR1313-1313.8 Yugoslav War, 1991-1995 DR
1594 DR1350-2285 Local history and description DR
1595 DR1352-1485 Slovenia DR
1596 DR1502-1645 Croatia DR
1597 DR1620-1630.5 Dalmatia DR
1598 DR1633-1636.5 Slavonia DR
1599 DR1652-1785 Bosnia and Hercegovina DR
1600 DR1802-1928 Montenegro DR
1601 DR1932-2125 Serbia DR
1602 DR2075-2087.7 Kosovo DR
1603 DR2090-2101.5 Vojvodina DR
1604 DR2106-2124.5 Belgrade DR
1605 DR2152-2285 Macedonia DR
1606 DS Asia D
1607 DS1-937 History of Asia DS
1608 DS5.95-10 Description and travel DS
1609 DS11 Antiquities DS
1610 DS13-28 Ethnography DS
1611 DS31-35.2 History DS
1612 DS35.3-35.77 The Islamic World DS
1613 DS36-39.2 Arab countries DS
1614 DS36.9 Ethnography DS
1615 DS37-39.2 History DS
1616 DS41-66 Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East DS
1617 DS51-54.95 Local history and description DS
1618 DS54-54.95 Cyprus DS
1619 DS58-59 Ethnography DS
1620 DS61-66 History DS
1621 DS67-79.9 Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia) DS
1622 DS69-70.5 Antiquities DS
1623 DS70.8 Ethnography DS
1624 DS70.82-79.9 History DS
1625 DS80-90 Lebanon (Phenicia) DS
1626 DS80.5-80.55 Ethnography DS
1627 DS80.7-87.6 History DS
1628 DS92-99 Syria DS
1629 DS94.7-94.8 Ethnography DS
1630 DS94.9-98.3 History DS
1631 DS99 Provinces, regions, cities, etc. DS
1632 DS101-151 Israel (Palestine). The Jews DS
1633 DS109-109.94 Jerusalem DS
1634 DS111-111.9 Antiquities DS
1635 DS113.2-113.8 Ethnography. Tribes of Israel DS
1636 DS114-128.2 History DS
1637 DS133-151 Jews outside of Palestine DS
1638 DS153-154.9 Jordan. Transjordan DS
1639 DS153.5-153.55 Ethnography DS
1640 DS153.7-154.55 History DS
1641 DS155-156 Asia Minor DS
1642 DS161-195.5 Armenia DS
1643 DS173-195.5 History DS
1644 DS201-248 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia DS
1645 DS218-219 Ethnography DS
1646 DS221-244.63 History DS
1647 DS247-248 Local history and description DS
1648 DS251-326 Iran (Persia) DS
1649 DS260.7-262 Antiquities DS
1650 DS268-269 Ethnography DS
1651 DS270-318.85 History DS
1652 DS324-326 Local history and description DS
1653 DS327-329.4 Central Asia DS
1654 DS331-349.9 Southern Asia. Indian Ocean Region DS
1655 DS349.8-349.9 Islands of the Indian Ocean DS
1656 DS350-375 Afghanistan DS
1657 DS354.5-354.6 Ethnography DS
1658 DS355-371.3 History DS
1659 DS374-375 Local history and description DS
1660 DS376-392.2 Pakistan DS
1661 DS380 Ethnography DS
1662 DS381-389.22 History DS
1663 DS392-392.2 Local history and description DS
1664 DS393-396.9 Bangladesh. East Pakistan DS
1665 DS393.82-393.83 Ethnography DS
1666 DS394.5-395.7 History DS
1667 DS396.8-396.9 Local history and description DS
1668 DS401-(486.8) India (Bharat) DS
1669 DS430-432 Ethnography. Sects DS
1670 DS433-481 History DS
1671 DS483-(486.8) Local history and description DS
1672 DS488-490 Sri Lanka DS
1673 DS489.2-489.25 Ethnography DS
1674 DS489.5-489.86 History DS
1675 DS491-492.9 Bhutan DS
1676 DS493-495.8 Nepal DS
1677 DS498-498.8 Goa. Portuguese in India DS
1678 DS501-518.9 East Asia. The Far East DS
1679 DS518.15-518.9 Relation of individual countries to East Asia DS
1680 DS520-560.72 Southeast Asia DS
1681 DS524-526.7 History DS
1682 DS527-530.9 Burma DS
1683 DS531-560.72 French Indochina DS
1684 DS541-553.7 History DS
1685 DS554-554.98 Cambodia DS
1686 DS555-555.98 Laos DS
1687 DS556-559.93 Vietnam. Annam DS
1688 DS557-559.9 Vietnamese Conflict DS
1689 DS560-560.72 Democratic Republic (North Vietnam), 1945- DS
1690 DS561-589 Thailand (Siam) DS
1691 DS569-570 Ethnography DS
1692 DS570.95-586 History DS
1693 DS588-589 Local history and description DS
1694 DS591-599 Malaysia. Malay Peninsula. Straits Settlements DS
1695 DS595-595.2 Ethnography DS
1696 DS595.8-597.215 History DS
1697 DS597.22-599 Local history and description DS
1698 DS597.33-597.34 Sabah. British North Borneo DS
1699 DS597.36-597.39 Sarawak DS
1700 DS600-605 Malay Archipelago DS
1701 DS608-610.9 Singapore DS
1702 DS611-649 Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) DS
1703 DS631-632 Ethnography DS
1704 DS633-644.46 History DS
1705 DS646.1-646.15 Sumatra DS
1706 DS646.17-646.29 Java DS
1707 DS646.3-646.34 Borneo. Kalimantan, Indonesia DS
1708 DS646.4-646.49 Celebes. Sulawesi DS
1709 DS646.5-646.59 Timor DS
1710 DS646.6-646.69 Moluccas. Maluku DS
1711 DS650-650.99 Brunei DS
1712 DS651-689 Philippines DS
1713 DS665-666 Ethnography DS
1714 DS667-686.62 History DS
1715 DS688-689 Local history and description DS
1716 DS701-799.9 China DS
1717 DS730-731 Ethnography DS
1718 DS733-779.32 History DS
1719 DS781-796 Local history and description DS
1720 DS781-784.2 Manchuria DS
1721 DS785-786 Tibet DS
1722 DS796.H7 Hong Kong DS
1723 DS798 Outer Mongolia. Mongolian People's Republic DS
1724 DS798.92-799.9 Taiwan DS
1725 DS801-897 Japan DS
1726 DS833-891.5 History DS
1727 DS894.215-897 Local history and description DS
1728 DS901-937 Korea DS
1729 DS904.8-922.4642 History DS
1730 DS918-921.8 War and intervention, 1950-1953 DS
1731 DS924-925 Local history and description DS
1732 DS930-937 Democratic People's Republic, 1948- DS
1733 DT Africa D
1734 DT1-3415 History of Africa DT
1735 DT7-12.25 Description and travel DT
1736 DT15-16 Ethnography DT
1737 DT17-39 History DT
1738 DT43-154 Egypt DT
1739 DT56.8-69.5 Antiquities DT
1740 DT63-63.5 Pyramids DT
1741 DT68-68.8 Religious antiquities DT
1742 DT71-72 Ethnography DT
1743 DT73 Local antiquities DT
1744 DT74-107.87 History DT
1745 DT115-154 Local history and description DT
1746 DT139-153.5 Cairo DT
1747 DT154.1-159.9 Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan DT
1748 DT154.8 Antiquities DT
1749 DT155-155.2 Ethnography DT
1750 DT155.3-157.67 History DT
1751 DT159.6-159.9 Local history and description DT
1752 DT160-177 North Africa DT
1753 DT167-176 History DT
1754 DT168-169.5 Carthaginian period DT
1755 DT179.2-179.9 Northwest Africa DT
1756 DT181-346 Maghrib. Barbary States DT
1757 DT211-239 Libya DT
1758 DT223-223.2 Ethnography DT
1759 DT223.3-236 History DT
1760 DT238-239 Local history and description DT
1761 DT241-269 Tunisia (Tunis) DT
1762 DT253-253.2 Ethnography DT
1763 DT253.4-264.49 History DT
1764 DT268-269 Local history and description DT
1765 DT271-299 Algeria DT
1766 DT283-283.6 Ethnography DT
1767 DT283.7-295.55 History DT
1768 DT298-299 Local history and description DT
1769 DT301-330 Morocco DT
1770 DT313-313.6 Ethnography DT
1771 DT313.7-325.92 History DT
1772 DT328-329 Local history and description DT
1773 DT330 Spanish Morocco DT
1774 DT331-346 Sahara DT
1775 DT348-363.3 Central Sub-Saharan Africa DT
1776 DT365-469 Eastern Africa DT
1777 DT365.5-365.78 History DT
1778 DT367-367.8 Northeast Africa DT
1779 DT371-390 Ethiopia (Abyssinia) DT
1780 DT380-380.4 Ethnography DT
1781 DT380.5-390 History DT
1782 DT391-398 Eritrea DT
1783 DT401-409 Somalia. Somaliland and adjacent territory DT
1784 DT402.3-402.45 Ethnography DT
1785 DT402.5-407.3 History DT
1786 DT409 Local history and description DT
1787 DT411-411.9 Djibouti. French Territory of the Afars and Issas. French Somaliland DT
1788 DT411.42-411.45 Ethnography DT
1789 DT411.5-411.83 History DT
1790 DT411.9 Local history and description DT
1791 DT421-432.5 East Africa. British East Africa DT
1792 DT433.2-433.29 Uganda DT
1793 DT433.242-433.245 Ethnography DT
1794 DT433.252-433.287 History DT
1795 DT433.29 Local history and description DT
1796 DT433.5-434 Kenya DT
1797 DT433.542-433.545 Ethnography DT
1798 DT433.552-433.584 History DT
1799 DT436-449 Tanzania. Tanganyika. German East Africa DT
1800 DT443-443.3 Ethnography DT
1801 DT443.5-448.25 History DT
1802 DT449.Z2 Zanzibar DT
1803 DT450-450.49 Rwanda. Ruanda-Urundi DT
1804 DT450.24-450.25 Ethnography DT
1805 DT450.26-450.437 History DT
1806 DT450.49 Local history and description DT
1807 DT450.5-450.95 Burundi DT
1808 DT450.64-450.65 Ethnography DT
1809 DT450.66-450.855 History DT
1810 DT450.95 Local history and description DT
1811 DT468-469 Islands (East African coast) DT
1812 DT469.M21-.M38 Madagascar DT
1813 DT469.M39 Mascarene Islands DT
1814 DT469.M4-.M495 Mautitius (Ile de France) DT
1815 DT469.M4975 Mayotte DT
1816 DT469.R3-.R5 Reunion DT
1817 DT469.S4-.S49 Seychelles DT
1818 DT470-671 West Africa. West Coast DT
1819 DT477 Upper Guinea DT
1820 DT479 Lower Guinea DT
1821 DT491-516.9 British West Africa DT
1822 DT507 Ashanti Empire DT
1823 DT509-509.9 Gambia DT
1824 DT509.42-509.45 Ethnography DT
1825 DT509.5-509.83 History DT
1826 DT509.9 Local history and description DT
1827 DT509.97-512.9 Ghana (Gold Coast) DT
1828 DT510.42-510.43 Ethnography DT
1829 DT510.5-512.34 History DT
1830 DT512.9 Local history and description DT
1831 DT515-515.9 Nigeria DT
1832 DT515.42-515.45 Ethnography DT
1833 DT515.53-515.842 History DT
1834 DT515.9 Local history and description DT
1835 DT516-516.9 Sierra Leone DT
1836 DT516.42-516.45 Ethnography DT
1837 DT516.5-516.82 History DT
1838 DT516.9 Local history and description DT
1839 DT521-555.9 French West Africa. French Sahara. West Sahara. Sahel DT
1840 DT541-541.9 Benin. Dahomey DT
1841 DT541.42-541.45 Ethnography DT
1842 DT541.5-541.845 History DT
1843 DT541.9 Local history and description DT
1844 DT543-543.9 Guinea DT
1845 DT543.42-543.45 Ethnography DT
1846 DT543.5-543.827 History DT
1847 DT543.9 Local history and description DT
1848 DT545-545.9 Côte d'Ivoire. Ivory Coast DT
1849 DT545.42-545.45 Ethnography DT
1850 DT545.52-545.83 History DT
1851 DT545.9 Local history and description DT
1852 DT546.1-546.49 French-speaking Equatorial Africa DT
1853 DT546.1-546.19 Gabon (Gaboon, Gabun) DT
1854 DT546.142-546.145 Ethnography DT
1855 DT546.15-546.183 History DT
1856 DT546.19 Local history and description DT
1857 DT546.2-546.29 Congo (Brazzaville). Middle Congo DT
1858 DT546.242-546.245 Ethnography DT
1859 DT546.25-546.283 History DT
1860 DT546.29 Local history and description DT
1861 DT546.3-546.39 Central African Republic. Central African Empire. Ubangi-Shari DT
1862 DT546.342-546.345 Ethnography DT
1863 DT546.348-546.3852 History DT
1864 DT546.39 Local history and description DT
1865 DT546.4-546.49 Chad (Tchad) DT
1866 DT546.442-546.445 Ethnography DT
1867 DT546.449-546.483 History DT
1868 DT546.49 Local history and description DT
1869 DT547-547.9 Niger DT
1870 DT547.42-547.45 Ethnography DT
1871 DT547.5-547.83 History DT
1872 DT547.9 Local history and description DT
1873 DT548 West Sahara DT
1874 DT549-549.9 Senegal DT
1875 DT549.42-549.45 Ethnography DT
1876 DT549.47-549.83 History DT
1877 DT549.9 Local history and description DT
1878 DT551-551.9 Mali. Mali Federation. Sudanese Republic. French Sudan DT
1879 DT551.42-551.45 Ethnography DT
1880 DT551.5-551.82 History DT
1881 DT551.9 Local history and description DT
1882 DT554-554.9 Mauritania DT
1883 DT554.42-554.45 Ethnography DT
1884 DT554.52-554.83 History DT
1885 DT554.9 Local history and description DT
1886 DT555-555.9 Burkina Faso. Upper Volta DT
1887 DT555.42-555.45 Ethnography DT
1888 DT555.517-555.837 History DT
1889 DT555.9 Local history and description DT
1890 DT561-581 Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun) DT
1891 DT570-571 Ethnography DT
1892 DT572-578.4 History DT
1893 DT581 Local history and description DT
1894 DT582-582.9 Togo. Togoland DT
1895 DT582.42-582.45 Ethnography DT
1896 DT582.5-582.82 History DT
1897 DT582.9 Local history and description DT
1898 DT591-615.9 Portuguese-speaking West Africa DT
1899 DT613-613.9 Guinea-Bissau. Portuguese Guinea DT
1900 DT613.42-613.45 Ethnography DT
1901 DT613.5-613.83 History DT
1902 DT613.9 Local history and description DT
1903 DT615-615.9 Sao Tome and Principe DT
1904 DT615.42-615.45 Ethnography DT
1905 DT615.5-615.8 History DT
1906 DT615.9 Local history and description DT
1907 DT619-620.9 Spanish West Africa DT
1908 DT620-620.9 Equatorial Guinea (Spanish Guinea) DT
1909 DT620.42-620.45 Ethnography DT
1910 DT620.46-620.83 History DT
1911 DT620.9 Local history and description DT
1912 DT621-637 Liberia DT
1913 DT630-630.5 Ethnography DT
1914 DT630.8-636.53 History DT
1915 DT639 Congo (Kongo) River region DT
1916 DT641-665 Zaire. Congo (Democratic Republic). Belgian Congo DT
1917 DT649.5-650 Ethnography DT
1918 DT650.2-663 History DT
1919 DT665 Local history and description DT
1920 DT669-671 Islands DT
1921 DT671.C2 Cape Verde DT
1922 DT1001-1190 Southern Africa DT
1923 DT1054-1058 Ethnography DT
1924 DT1062-1182 History DT
1925 DT1190 Local history and description DT
1926 DT1251-1465 Angola DT
1927 DT1304-1308 Ethnography DT
1928 DT1314-1436 History DT
1929 DT1450-1465 Local history and description DT
1930 DT1501-1685 Namibia. South-West Africa DT
1931 DT1554-1558 Ethnography DT
1932 DT1564-1651 History DT
1933 DT1670-1685 Local history and description DT
1934 DT1701-2405 South Africa DT
1935 DT1754-1770 Ethnography DT
1936 DT1757 Apartheid DT
1937 DT1758-1760 Blacks DT
1938 DT1772-1974 History DT
1939 DT1991-2054 Cape Province. Cape of Good Hope DT
1940 DT2075-2145 Orange Free State. Oranje Vrystaat DT
1941 DT2181-2278 KwaZulu-Natal. Natal DT
1942 DT2291-2378 Transvaal. South African Republic DT
1943 DT2421-2525 Botswana. Bechuanaland DT
1944 DT2454-2458 Ethnography DT
1945 DT2464-2502 History DT
1946 DT2541-2686 Lesotho. Basutoland DT
1947 DT2592-2596 Ethnography DT
1948 DT2604-2660 History DT
1949 DT2680-2686 Local history and description DT
1950 DT2701-2825 Swaziland DT
1951 DT2744-2746 Ethnography DT
1952 DT2754-2806 History DT
1953 DT2820-2825 Local history and description DT
1954 DT2831-2864 British Central Africa. Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland DT
1955 DT2871-3025 Zimbabwe. Southern Rhodesia DT
1956 DT2910-2913 Ethnography DT
1957 DT2914-3000 History DT
1958 DT3020-3025 Local history and description DT
1959 DT3031-3145 Zambia. Northern Rhodesia DT
1960 DT3054-3058 Ethnography DT
1961 DT3064-3119 History DT
1962 DT3140-3145 Local history and description DT
1963 DT3161-3257 Malawi. Nyasaland DT
1964 DT3189-3192 Ethnography DT
1965 DT3194-3237 History DT
1966 DT3252-3257 Local history and description DT
1967 DT3291-3415 Mozambique DT
1968 DT3324-3328 Ethnography DT
1969 DT3330-3398 History DT
1970 DT3410-3415 Local history and description DT
1971 DU Oceania (South Seas) D
1972 DU1-950 History of Oceania (South Seas) DU
1973 DU28.11-68 History DU
1974 DU80-398 Australia DU
1975 DU108-117.2 History DU
1976 DU120-125 Ethnography DU
1977 DU125 Australian aborigines DU
1978 DU145 Australian Capital Territory. Canberra DU
1979 DU150-180 New South Wales DU
1980 DU170-172 History DU
1981 DU178-180 Local history and description DU
1982 DU182-198 Tasmania. Van Diemen's Land DU
1983 DU190-195.3 History DU
1984 DU200-230 Victoria DU
1985 DU220-222 History DU
1986 DU228-230 Local history and description DU
1987 DU250-280 Queensland DU
1988 DU270-272 History DU
1989 DU278-280 Local history and description DU
1990 DU300-330 South Australia DU
1991 DU320-322 History DU
1992 DU328-330 Local history and description DU
1993 DU350-380 Western Australia DU
1994 DU370-372 History DU
1995 DU378-380 Local history and description DU
1996 DU390 Central Australia DU
1997 DU391 Northern Australia DU
1998 DU392-398 Northern Territory of Australia DU
1999 DU400-430 New Zealand DU
2000 DU419-422 History DU
2001 DU422.5-424.5 Ethnography DU
2002 DU422.8-424 Maoris DU
2003 DU428-430 Local history and description DU
2004 DU490 Melanesia (General) DU
2005 DU500 Micronesia (General) DU
2006 DU510 Polynesia (General) DU
2007 DU520-950 Smaller island groups DU
2008 DU620-629 Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii DU
2009 DU739-747 New Guinea DU
2010 DU810-819 Samoan Islands DU
2011 DX Romanies D
2012 DX101-301 History of Romanies DX
2013 E History America subjects
2014 E11-143 America E
2015 E11-29 General E
2016 E29 Elements in the population E
2017 E31-49.2 North America E
2018 E51-73 Pre-Columbian America. The Indians E
2019 E75-99 Indians of North America E
2020 E81-83 Indian wars E
2021 E99 Indian tribes and cultures E
2022 E101-135 Discovery of America and early explorations E
2023 E103-110 Pre-Columbian period E
2024 E111-120 Columbus E
2025 E121-135 Post-Columbian period. El Dorado E
2026 E141-143 Descriptive accounts of America. Earliest to 1810 E
2027 E151-889 United States E
2028 E151-169.12 General E
2029 E171-183.9 History E
2030 E171-180 General E
2031 E173 Sources and documents E
2032 E175-175.7 Historiography E
2033 E176-176.8 Biography E
2034 E179.5 Historical geography E
2035 E181 Military history E
2036 E182 Naval history E
2037 E183-183.3 Political history E
2038 E183.7-183.9 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations. E
2039 E183.8 Relations with individual countries E
2040 E184-185.98 Elements in the population E
2041 E184.5-185.98 Afro-Americans E
2042 E185.2-185.89 Status and development since emancipation E
2043 E185.96-185.98 Biography. Genealogy E
2044 E186-199 Colonial history (1607-1775) E
2045 E186-189 General E
2046 E191-199 By period E
2047 E191 1607-1689 E
2048 E195-199 1689-1775 E
2049 E196 King William's War, 1689-1697 E
2050 E197 Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713 E
2051 E198 King George's War, 1744-1748 E
2052 E199 French and Indian War, 1755-1763 E
2053 E201-298 The Revolution, 1775-1783 E
2054 E300-453 Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861 E
2055 E300-302.6 General E
2056 E302 Collected works of American statemen E
2057 E302.1 Political history E
2058 E302.5-302.6 Biography (Late eighteenth century) E
2059 E303-440.5 By period E
2060 E303-309 1775-1789. The Confederation, 1783-1789 E
2061 E310-337 1789-1809. Constitutional period E
2062 E310.7 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations E
2063 E311-320 Washington's administrations, 1789-1797 E
2064 E321-330 John Adams' administration, 1797-1801 E
2065 E323 Troubles with France, 1796-1800 E
2066 E331-337 Jefferson's administrations, 1801-1809 E
2067 E333 Purchase of Louisiana, 1803 E
2068 E335 War with Tripoli, 1801-1805 E
2069 E336-336.5 Neutral trade and its restrictions, 1800-1810 E
2070 E337.5 Nineteenth century (General) E
2071 E337.8-400 Early nineteenth century, 1801/1809-1845 E
2072 E337.8-340 General E
2073 E337.8 Collected works of American statesmen E
2074 E339-340 ­Biography E
2075 E341-370 Madison's administrations, 1809-1817 E
2076 E351.5-364.9 War of 1812 E
2077 E365 War with Algeria, 1815 E
2078 E371-375 Monroe's administrations, 1817-1825 E
2079 E373 Missouri Compromise, 1820 E
2080 E374 Diplomatic history. Foreign relations E
2081 E376-380 John Quincy Adams' administration, 1825-1829 E
2082 E381-385 Jackson's administrations, 1829-1837 E
2083 E384.3 Nullification E
2084 E386-390 Van Buren's administration, 1837-1841 E
2085 E391-392 William H. Harrison's administration, March 4-April 4, 1841 E
2086 E396-400 Tyler's administration, April 4, 1841-1845 E
2087 E398 Northeastern boundary disputes, 1783-1845 E
2088 E401-415.2 Mexican War, 1846-1848 E
2089 E408 Mexican cessions of 1848 E
2090 E415.6-440.5 Middle nineteenth century, 1845/1848-1861 E
2091 E415.6-415.9 General E
2092 E415.6 Collected works of American statesmen E
2093 E415.8-415.9 Biography E
2094 E416-420 Polk's administration, 1845-1849 E
2095 E421-423 Taylor's administiration, 1849-July 9, 1850 E
2096 E423 Slavery question, 1849-1853 E
2097 E426-430 Fillmore's administration, July 9, 1850-1853 E
2098 E431-435 Pierce's administration, 1853-1857 E
2099 E433 Slavery question, 1853-1857 E
2100 E436-440.5 Buchanan's administration, 1857-1861 E
2101 E438 Slavery question, 1857-1861 E
2102 E440.5 State of the country, November 1860-March 4, 1861 E
2103 E441-453 Slavery in the United States. Antislavery movements E
2104 E456-655 Civil War period, 1861-1865 E
2105 E456-459 Lincoln's administrations, 1861-April 15, 1865 E
2106 E461-655 The Civil War, 1861-1865 E
2107 E482-489 Confederate States of America E
2108 E491-586 Armies. Troops E
2109 E591-600 Naval history E
2110 E660-738 Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900 E
2111 E660-664 General E
2112 E660 Collected works of American statesmen E
2113 E661.7 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations E
2114 E663-664 Biography E
2115 E666-670 Andrew Johnson's administration, April 15, 1865-1869 E
2116 E668 Reconstruction, 1865-1877 E
2117 E669 Purchase of Alaska, 1867 E
2118 E671-680 Grant's administrations, 1869-1877 E
2119 E681-685 Hayes' administration, 1877-1881 E
2120 E686-687.9 Garfield's administration, March 4-September 19, 1881 E
2121 E691-695 Arthur's administration, September 19, 1881-1885 E
2122 E696-700 Cleveland's first administration, 1885-1889 E
2123 E701-705 Benjamin Harrison's administration, 1889-1893 E
2124 E706-710 Cleveland's second administration, 1893-1897 E
2125 E711-738 McKinley's first administration, 1897-1901 E
2126 E713 Annexation in 1898 of Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico E
2127 E714-735 War of 1898 (Spanish-American War) E
2128 E740-837.7 Twentieth century E
2129 E740-749 General E
2130 E740.5 Sources and documents E
2131 E742.5 Collected works of American statesmen E
2132 E743-743.5 Political history E
2133 E743.5 Un-American activities E
2134 E744-744.5 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations E
2135 E745 Military history E
2136 E746 Naval history E
2137 E747-748 Biography E
2138 E751 McKinley's second administration, March 4-September 14, 1901 E
2139 E756-760 Theodore Roosevelt's administrations, September 14, 1901-1909 E
2140 E761-765 Taft's administration, 1909-1913 E
2141 E766-783 Wilson's administrations, 1913-1921 E
2142 E768 Purchase of Danish West Indies (Virgin Islands), 1917 E
2143 E780 Internal history during World War I E
2144 E784-805 "1919-1933. Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era. ""The twenties""" E
2145 E785-786 Harding's administration, 1921-August 2, 1923 E
2146 E791-796 Coolidge's administration, August 2, 1923-1929 E
2147 E801-805 Hoover's administration, 1919-1933 E
2148 E806-812 Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administrations, 1933-April 12, 1945 E
2149 E813-816 Truman's administrations, April 12, 1945-1953 E
2150 E835-837.7 Eisenhower's administrations, 1953-1961 E
2151 E838-889 Later twentieth century, 1961-2000 E
2152 E838-840.8 General E
2153 E838.3 Sources and documents E
2154 E839.5-839.8 Political history E
2155 E839.8 Un-American activities E
2156 E840-840.2 Diplomatic history. Foreign and general relations E
2157 E840.6-840.8 Biography (General) E
2158 E841-843 Kennedy's administration, 1961-November 22, 1963 E
2159 E842.9 Assassination, funeral, memorial services, etc. E
2160 E846-851 Johnson's administrations, November 22, 1963-1969 E
2161 E855-861 Nixon's administrations, 1969-August 9, 1974 E
2162 E860-861 Watergate Affair. Resignation E
2163 E865-868 Ford's administration, August 9, 1974-1977 E
2164 E872-875 Carter's administration, 1977-1981 E
2165 E876-880 Reagan's administrations, 1981-1989 E
2166 E877.3 Assassination attempt E
2167 E881-884 George H. W. Bush's administration, 1989-1993 E
2168 E885-889 Clinton's administrations, 1993-2001 E
2169 E895-904 Twenty-first century E
2170 E902-904 George W. Bush's administrations, 2001-2009 E
2171 E907-909 Barack Obama=s administration, 2009- E
2172 F History United States, Canada, Latin America subjects
2173 F1-975 United States local history F
2174 F1-15 New England F
2175 F16-30 Maine F
2176 F31-45 New Hampshire F
2177 F46-60 Vermont F
2178 F61-75 Massachusetts F
2179 F76-90 Rhode Island F
2180 F91-105 Connecticut F
2181 F106 Atlantic coast. Middle Atlantic States F
2182 F116-130 New York F
2183 F131-145 New Jersey F
2184 F146-160 Pennsylvania F
2185 F161-175 Delaware F
2186 F176-190 Maryland F
2187 F191-205 District of Columbia. Washington F
2188 F206-220 The South. South Atlantic States F
2189 F221-235 Virginia F
2190 F236-250 West Virginia F
2191 F251-265 North Carolina F
2192 F266-280 South Carolina F
2193 F281-295 Georgia F
2194 F296-301 Gulf States. West Florida F
2195 F306-320 Florida F
2196 F321-335 Alabama F
2197 F336-350 Mississippi F
2198 F350.5-355 Mississippi River and Valley. Middle West F
2199 F366-380 Louisiana F
2200 F381-395 Texas F
2201 F396 Old Southwest. Lower Mississippi Valley F
2202 F406-420 Arkansas F
2203 F431-445 Tennessee F
2204 F446-460 Kentucky F
2205 F461-475 Missouri F
2206 F476-485 Old Northwest. Northwest Territory F
2207 F486-500 Ohio F
2208 F516-520 Ohio River and Valley F
2209 F521-535 Indiana F
2210 F536-550 Illinois F
2211 F550.5-553.2 The Lake region. Great Lakes F
2212 F561-575 Michigan F
2213 F576-590 Wisconsin F
2214 F590.3-596.3 The West. Trans-Mississippi Region. Great Plains F
2215 F597 The Northwest F
2216 F598 Missouri River and Valley F
2217 F601-615 Minnesota F
2218 F616-630 Iowa F
2219 F631-645 North Dakota F
2220 F646-660 South Dakota F
2221 F661-675 Nebraska F
2222 F676-690 Kansas F
2223 F691-705 Oklahoma F
2224 F721-722 Rocky Mountains. Yellowstone National Park F
2225 F726-740 Montana F
2226 F741-755 Idaho F
2227 F756-770 Wyoming F
2228 F771-785 Colorado F
2229 F786-790 New Southwest. Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley F
2230 F791-805 New Mexico F
2231 F806-820 Arizona F
2232 F821-835 Utah F
2233 F836-850 Nevada F
2234 F850.5-851.5 Pacific States F
2235 F851.7 Cascade Range F
2236 F852-854 Pacific Northwest. Columbia River and Valley. Northwest boundary since 1846 F
2237 F856-870 California F
2238 F871-885 Oregon F
2239 F886-900 Washington F
2240 F901-951 Alaska F
2241 F951 Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands F
2242 F965 The territories of the United States (General) F
2243 F970 Insular possessions of the United States (General) F
2244 F975 Central American, West Indian, and other countries protected by and having close political affiliations with the United States (General) F
2245 F1001-1145.2 British America F
2246 F1001-1145.2 Canada F
2247 F1001-1035 General F
2248 F1035.8 Maritime provinces. Atlantic coast of Canada F
2249 F1036-1040 Nova Scotia. Acadia F
2250 F1041-1045 New Brunswick F
2251 F1046-1049.7 Prince Edward Island F
2252 F1050 St. Lawrence Gulf, River and Valley (General) F
2253 F1051-1055 Quebec F
2254 F1056-1059.7 Ontario F
2255 F1060-1060.97 Canadian Northwest. Northwest Territories F
2256 F1061-1065 Manitoba F
2257 F1067 Assiniboia F
2258 F1070-1074.7 Saskatchewan F
2259 F1075-1080 Alberta F
2260 F1086-1089.7 British Columbia F
2261 F1090 Rocky Mountains of Canada F
2262 F1090.5 Arctic regions F
2263 F1091-1095.5 Yukon F
2264 F1096-1100.5 Mackenzie F
2265 F1101-1105.7 Franklin F
2266 F1106-1110.5 Keewatin F
2267 F1121-1139 Newfoundland F
2268 F1135-1139 Labrador F
2269 F1140 The Labrador Peninsula F
2270 F1141-1145.2 Nunavut F
2271 F1170 French America F
2272 F1170 Saint Pierre and Miquelon F
2273 F1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America F
2274 F1201-1392 Mexico F
2275 F1218.5-1221 Antiquities. Indians F
2276 F1401-1419 Latin America (General) F
2277 F1421-1440 Central America F
2278 F1435-1435.3 Mayas F
2279 F1441-1457 Belize F
2280 F1461-1477 Guatemala F
2281 F1481-1497 Salvador (El Salvador) F
2282 F1501-1517 Honduras F
2283 F1521-1537 Nicaragua F
2284 F1541-1557 Costa Rica F
2285 F1561-1577 Panama F
2286 F1569.C2 Canal Zone. Panama Canal F
2287 F1601-1629 West Indies F
2288 F1630-1640 Bermudas F
2289 F1650-1660 Bahamas F
2290 F1741-1991 Greater Antilles F
2291 F1751-1854.9 Cuba F
2292 F1788-1788.22 Communist regime F
2293 F1861-1896 Jamaica F
2294 F1900-1941 Haiti (Island). Hispaniola F
2295 F1912-1930 Haiti (Republic) F
2296 F1931-1941 Dominican Republic F
2297 F1951-1983 Puerto Rico F
2298 F1991 Navassa F
2299 F2001-2151 Lesser Antilles Groups of islands, by geographical distribution F
2300 F2006 Leeward islands F
2301 F2011 Windward Islands F
2302 F2016 Islands along Venezuela coast F
2303 F2033-2129 Individual islands Groups of islands, by political allegiance F
2304 F2131-2133 British West Indies F
2305 F2136 Virgin Islands of the United States F
2306 F2141 Netherlands West Indies. Dutch West Indies F
2307 F2151 French West Indies F
2308 F2155-2191 Caribbean area. Caribbean Sea F
2309 F2201-3799 South America F
2310 F2201-2239 General F
2311 F2251-2299 Colombia F
2312 F2301-2349 Venezuela F
2313 F2351 Guiana F
2314 F2361-2391 Guyana. British Guiana F
2315 F2401-2431 Surinam F
2316 F2441-2471 French Guiana F
2317 F2501-2659 Brazil F
2318 F2661-2699 Paraguay F
2319 F2701-2799 Uruguay F
2320 F2801-3021 Argentina F
2321 F3031-3031.5 Falkland Islands F
2322 F3051-3285 Chile F
2323 F3301-3359 Bolivia F
2324 F3401-3619 Peru F
2325 F3701-3799 Ecuador F
2326 G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation subjects
2327 G1‑922 Geography (General) G
2328 G65‑69 Geographers G
2329 G70‑70.6 Philosophy. Relation to other topics. Methodology G
2330 G80‑99 History of geography G
2331 G100.5‑108.5 Toponymy Including gazetteers, geographic names and terms G
2332 G140 Great cities of the world G
2333 G141 Historical geography G
2334 G142 Aerial geography G
2335 G149‑180 Travel. Voyages and travels (General) G
2336 G154.9‑155.8 Travel and state. Tourism G
2337 G200‑336 History of discoveries, explorations, and travel G
2338 G369‑503 Special voyages and travels G
2339 G521‑539 Adventures, shipwrecks, buried treasure, etc. G
2340 G540‑550 Seafaring life, ocean travel, etc. G
2341 G575‑890 Arctic and Antarctic regions G
2342 G905‑910 Tropics (General) G
2343 G912‑922 Northern and Southern Hemispheres G
2344 G1000‑3122 Atlases G
2345 G1000‑1000.5 Atlases of the moon, planets, etc. G
2346 G1001‑1046 World atlases. Atlases of the Earth G
2347 G1050‑1052 Northern and Southern Hemispheres G
2348 G1053 Tropics. Torrid Zone G
2349 G1054‑1055 Polar regions. Frigid Zone G
2350 G1059‑1061 Maritime atlases (General) G
2351 G1100‑3102 By region or country G
2352 G1100‑1779 America. Western Hemisphere G
2353 G1105‑1692 North America G
2354 G1110‑1114 Greenland G
2355 G1115‑(1193) Canada G
2356 G1200‑1534.24 United States G
2357 G1535‑1537 Caribbean area G
2358 G1540‑1542 Latin America (General) G
2359 G1545‑1549 Mexico G
2360 G1550‑(1594) Central America G
2361 G1600‑1692 West Indies G
2362 G1700‑1779 South America G
2363 G1780‑2799 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc. G
2364 G1791‑2196 Europe G
2365 G2110‑2196 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire) G
2366 G2200‑2444.84 Asia G
2367 G2445‑2739 Africa G
2368 G2740‑2799 Australasia G
2369 G2800‑3064 Oceans (General) G
2370 G3100‑3102 Antarctica G
2371 G3122 Atlases of imaginary, literary, and mythological regions, etc., A‑Z G
2372 G3160‑3171 Globes G
2373 G3180‑9980 Maps G
2374 G3180‑3182 Universe. Solar system G
2375 G3190‑3191 Celestial maps G
2376 G3195‑3197 Moon G
2377 G3200‑3202 World. Earth G
2378 G3210‑3221 Northern and Southern Hemispheres G
2379 G3240‑3241 Tropics. Torrid Zone G
2380 G3250‑3251 Temperate Zone G
2381 G3260‑3272 Polar regions. Frigid Zone G
2382 G3290‑9880 By region or country G
2383 G3290‑5667 America. Western Hemisphere G
2384 G3300‑5184 North America G
2385 G3380‑3384 Greenland G
2386 G3400‑(3612) Canada G
2387 G3700‑4384 United States G
2388 G4390‑4392 Caribbean area G
2389 G4410‑4763 Mexico G
2390 G4800‑4874 Central America G
2391 G4900‑5184 West Indies G
2392 G5200‑5667 South America G
2393 G5670‑8904 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc. G
2394 G5700‑7342 Europe G
2395 G7000‑7342 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire) G
2396 G7400‑8198.54 Asia G
2397 G8200‑8904 Africa G
2398 G8950‑9084 Australasia G
2399 G9095‑9794 Oceans (General) G
2400 G9800‑9804 Antarctica G
2401 G9900‑9980 Unlocalized maps G
2402 GA Mathematical geography. Cartography G
2403 GA1‑1776 Mathematical geography. Cartography GA
2404 GA51‑87 Surveys (General) GA
2405 GA101‑1776 Cartography GA
2406 GA109 Aerial cartography GA
2407 GA109.5 Cadastral mapping GA
2408 GA109.8 Statistical mapping GA
2409 GA110‑115 Projection GA
2410 GA125‑155 Map drawing, modeling, printing, reading, etc. GA
2411 GA192‑197.3 Collections of maps, globes, etc. Map libraries GA
2412 GA197.5‑198 Cartographers GA
2413 GA260‑288 Globe making. Globes GA
2414 GA300‑325 World maps, general atlases, etc. GA
2415 GA341‑1776 Maps. By region or country GA
2416 GB Physical geography G
2417 GB3‑5030 Physical geography GB
2418 GB400‑649 Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain GB
2419 GB447 Climatic geomorphology GB
2420 GB448 Slopes GB
2421 GB450‑460 Coasts GB
2422 GB461‑468.995 Reefs GB
2423 GB471‑478.995 Islands GB
2424 GB500‑555 Mountains. Orography GB
2425 GB561‑649 Other natural landforms: Floodplains, caves, deserts, dunes, etc. GB
2426 GB651‑2998 Hydrology. Water GB
2427 GB980‑2998 Ground and surface waters GB
2428 GB980‑992 Watersheds. Runoff. Drainage GB
2429 GB1001‑1199.8 Groundwater. Hydrogeology GB
2430 GB1201‑1598 Rivers. Stream measurements GB
2431 GB1601‑2398 Lakes. Limnology. Ponds. Lagoons GB
2432 GB2401‑2598 Ice. Glaciers. Ice sheets. Sea ice GB
2433 GB2601‑2798 Snow. Snow surveys GB
2434 GB2801‑2998 Hydrometeorology GB
2435 GB5000‑5030 Natural disasters GB
2436 GC Oceanography G
2437 GC1‑1581 Oceanography GC
2438 GC63 Oceanographic expeditions GC
2439 GC65‑78 Underwater exploration GC
2440 GC83‑87.6 Submarine topography GC
2441 GC96‑97.8 Estuarine oceanography GC
2442 GC100‑103 Seawater GC
2443 GC109‑149 Chemical oceanography GC
2444 GC150‑182 Physical oceanography GC
2445 GC151‑155 Density GC
2446 GC160‑177 Temperature GC
2447 GC177.6‑182 Optical oceanography GC
2448 GC190‑190.5 Ocean‑atmosphere interaction GC
2449 GC200‑376 Dynamics of the ocean GC
2450 GC205‑227 Waves GC
2451 GC228.5‑228.6 Ocean circulation GC
2452 GC229‑296.8 Currents GC
2453 GC297‑299 Water masses and oceanic mixing GC
2454 GC300‑376 Tides GC
2455 GC377‑399 Marine sediments GC
2456 GC401‑881 Oceanography. By region GC
2457 GC1000‑1023 Marine resources. Applied oceanography GC
2458 GC1080‑1581 Marine pollution. Sea water pollution GC
2459 GE Environmental sciences G
2460 GE1‑350 Environmental sciences GE
2461 GE70‑90 Environmental education GE
2462 GE170‑190 Environmental policy GE
2463 GE195‑199 Environmentalism. Green movement GE
2464 GE300‑350 Environmental management GE
2465 GF Human ecology. Anthropogeography G
2466 GF1‑900 Human ecology. Anthropogeography GF
2467 GF51 Environmental influences on humans GF
2468 GF75 Human influences on the environment GF
2469 GF101‑127 Settlements GF
2470 GF125 Cities. Urban geography GF
2471 GF127 Rural settlements. Rural geography GF
2472 GF500‑900 By region or country GF
2473 GN Anthropology G
2474 GN1‑890 Anthropology GN
2475 GN49‑298 Physical anthropology. Somatology GN
2476 GN51‑59 Anthropometry GN
2477 GN62.8‑265 Human variation Including growth, physical form, skeleton, nervous system, skin, etc. GN
2478 GN269‑279 Race (General) GN
2479 GN280.7 Man as an animal. Simian traits versus human traits GN
2480 GN281‑289 Human evolution GN
2481 GN282‑286.7 Fossil man. Human paleontology GN
2482 GN296‑296.5 Medical anthropology GN
2483 GN301‑674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology GN
2484 GN357‑367 Culture and cultural processes Including social change, structuralism, diffusion, etc. GN
2485 GN378‑396 Collected ethnographies GN
2486 GN397‑397.7 Applied anthropology GN
2487 GN406‑517 Cultural traits, customs, and institutions GN
2488 GN406‑442 Technology. Material culture Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc. GN
2489 GN448‑450.8 Economic organization. Economic anthropology GN
2490 GN451‑477.7 Intellectual life Including communication, recreation, philosophy, religion, knowledge, etc. GN
2491 GN478‑491.7 Social organization GN
2492 GN492‑495.2 Political organization. Political anthropology GN
2493 GN495.4‑498 Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc. GN
2494 GN502‑517 Psychological anthropology GN
2495 GN537‑674 Ethnic groups and races GN
2496 GN550‑674 By region or country GN
2497 GN700‑890 Prehistoric archaeology GN
2498 GR Folklore G
2499 GR1‑950 Folklore GR
2500 GR72‑79 Folk literature (General) Including folktales, legends GR
2501 GR81 Folk beliefs, superstitions, etc. (General) GR
2502 GR99.6‑390 By region or country GR
2503 GR420‑950 By subject GR
2504 GR420‑426 Costume, jewelry GR
2505 GR430‑488 Folklore relating to private life Including dreams, love, children, nursery rhymes, etc. GR
2506 GR500‑615 Supernatural beings, demonology, fairies, ghosts, charms, etc. GR
2507 GR620‑640 Cosmic phenomena, weather lore GR
2508 GR650‑690 Geographical topics GR
2509 GR700‑860 Animals, plants, and minerals GR
2510 GR865‑874 Transportation, travel, commerce, etc. GR
2511 GR880 Medicine. Folk medicine GR
2512 GR890‑915 Occupations GR
2513 GR931‑935 Signs and symbols GR
2514 GR940‑941 Mythical places GR
2515 GT Manners and customs (General) G
2516 GT1‑7070 Manners and customs (General) GT
2517 GT165‑476 Houses. Dwellings GT
2518 GT485 Churches and church going GT
2519 GT495‑499 Human body and its parts. Personal beauty GT
2520 GT500‑2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion GT
2521 GT2400‑3390.5 Customs relative to private life Including children, marriage, eating and drinking, funeral customs, etc. GT
2522 GT3400‑5090 Customs relative to public and social life Including town life, court life, festivals, holidays, ceremonies of royalty, etc. GT
2523 GT5220‑5286 Customs relative to transportation and travel GT
2524 GT5320‑6737 Customs relative to special classes GT
2525 GT5320‑5690 By birth, rank, etc. GT
2526 GT5750‑6390 By occupation GT
2527 GV Recreation. Leisure G
2528 GV1‑1860 Recreation. Leisure GV
2529 GV181.35‑181.6 Recreation leadership. Administration of recreation services GV
2530 GV182‑182.5 Recreational areas and facilities. Recreation centers GV
2531 GV191.2‑200.66 Outdoor life. Outdoor recreation GV
2532 GV191.68‑198.975 Camping GV
2533 GV198.945‑198.975 Farm vacations, dude ranches, etc. GV
2534 GV199‑199.62 Hiking. Pedestrian tours GV
2535 GV199.8‑200.35 Mountaineering GV
2536 GV200.4‑200.56 Orienteering. Wilderness survival GV
2537 GV200.6‑200.66 Caving. Spelunking GV
2538 GV201‑555 Physical education and training GV
2539 GV346‑351.5 School and college athletics. Intramural and interscholastic athletics GV
2540 GV401‑433 Physical education facilities. Sports facilities Including gymnasiums, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc. GV
2541 GV435‑436.7 Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc. GV
2542 GV450‑451.4 Nudism. Sunbathing GV
2543 GV460‑555 Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises Including calisthenics, heavy exercises, acrobatics, etc. GV
2544 GV557‑1198.995 Sports GV
2545 GV711 Coaching GV
2546 GV712‑725 Athletic contests. Sports events GV
2547 GV733‑734.5 Professionalism in sports. Professional sports (General) GV
2548 GV735 Umpires. Sports officiating GV
2549 GV743‑749 Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc. GV
2550 GV750‑770.27 Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying, bungee jumping, etc. GV
2551 GV770.3‑840 Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba diving, etc. GV
2552 GV840.7‑857 Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding, snowmobiling, etc. GV
2553 GV861‑1017 Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc. GV