JournalStories's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my journal in ?
The journals contained in are journals that have DOI from Crossref. If your journal already has the DOI from Crossref correctly, you can claim it on web After processing the claim, the relevant association will verify the claim.

Find the journal you are managing in the journal menu. Click claim on the tab. Click the link that will direct you to the self-assessment form. Fill in the form according to the actual condition of the journal you are managing.

Journal data is build based on claims by scientific journal managers. Then it would be verified by the relevant associations if you are legitimate as the scientific journal manager of the journal. Please make a claim and fill out the form provided. The relevant association will verify your claim.

Article data comes from Crossref. So that only articles that have an active DOI appear on the journal profile. However, if it is active and you want to update the metadata. Please update your journal article metadata at Crossref.

the emblem on the journal appears automatically according to the verification results from the association. While the emblem of the article appears automatically based on the article metadata on Crossref.
Author data source for authors comes from ORCID. So, you need to update your ORCID profile, then click "sync" on the author's profile in Journal Stories.

Please load an ORCID account at the URL Then click the “Authors” menu and click “Connect your ORCID ID” to perform the ID authentication process.

We do not position this platform as anything important. However, we try to help as much as possible in facilitating scientific journal managers' interests, scientific associations/scientific journals, or scientific article writers to achieve their best.

Managers of scientific journals can use our platform as a tool to independently assess the management of their scientific journals, as well as being a means to promote or introduce their scientific journals to authors, readers, or other relevant stakeholders.

We will develop this function in the next release of View Roadmap

Scientific journal associations can verify scientific journals according to their field. Verification of claims that have been submitted by the manager of scientific journals. So that it can help associations and those related to these fields find scientific journals that have verified scientific journal management.

Scientific article writers can use this platform to track their scientific articles, and identify weaknesses or strengths of the article after being verified by scientific associations or automatically by the system. For example: authors can find out if their articles are not managed properly by the scientific journal that publishes it because there is an "Independent" article badge. Though the article was sourced from a research grant.

the emblem on the appears automatically. An emblem for a journal based on a journal manager's claim that has been verified or automatically based on a published article emblem. Emblems for articles appear automatically based on article metadata in Crossref.

Badge Criteria
Scientific Journal Association

Actually, no cost, at all. The Association's management could contact us at email: with the email subject "Application for Partner ". Our team will follow up.

Associations can verify claims of scientific journals according to their fields, thus facilitating the performance of the Association in supervising scientific journals under its auspices and those not under its auspices. The association logo will appear on the journal profile as one of the verifiers. And will also appear in the list of Associations that are registered as partners.

Verification of scientific journal claims is done in the association's special dashboard (yes, we provide a special dashboard for your association). Verification is carried out by the association’s admin or association user who has been approved by the association admin.